I fucking HATE one of my work colleagues!

oh noes i start a new job on monday, should not have read this

real office as well, with over 5 people in ! (60 in fact) my max occupancy before was 5, spent 3 years just with one other bloke


Paradigm X Wrote:spent 3 years just with one other bloke

[Image: orly.jpeg]

socialengineer Wrote:
Paradigm X Wrote:spent 3 years just with one other bloke

[Image: orly.jpeg]

does sound shiftyyyy Roll doesnt it.

hmmm..... shall not go any further with this.

respk to the owl/eagle/whatever
[Image: allnighterbanner.gif]

I work alone and cant stand the prick i work with!
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I'm feeling quite happy with my job at the moment!

thanks! Grin

socialengineer Wrote:
Paradigm X Wrote:spent 3 years just with one other bloke

[Image: orly.jpeg]

[Image: teethban.gif]

yes i saw that coming (not the owl tho, good effort!)

in all seriousness, just working with one other person day in day ouot really is weird, you get to know all their little annoying habits, cant really throw a sicky, or come in late etc, its pretty obvious if youre late ! Luckily he was quite cool and tolerant, especially if i was hungover. It was good we got on as well, it would have been shite if i did. I applied for a job recently and his 'office' was his spare room in his flat, errrr no. Acoustics is a very small industry lots of v small 2-5 people companies, or the larger companies have small 'satelite' office with just 2-3 people to cover london, manchester, etc with a head office normally in the middle of nowhere.

But now ill be working in an office of 60 odd (plus they have an office band whihc play twice a year)

so im sure ill be sat next to the twunt like maccs mate above



wow...makes a change for the xmas office party. now u dont need to go to a pup or club. u can have it in your own office and entertainment is caterred for....


gotta work with them and PLAY with them also.

glad you dont have to sleep with them

OR DO YOU..................
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ive said ill twiddle knobs...


interestingly (maybe!) another job i went for had a band too and i would have been more valuable if i was a drummer... was in central london tho, mega ballache to get to.

sound quite good fun the outfit ive chosne, they hire the bandstand in summer for a picnic/jam and a pub/live venue for xmas do.

acoustics lot tend to be a dry, slightly odd/eccentric bunch / failed musos... ill fit in well Lol


lol this thread is hilarious Hahaha

theory Wrote:lol this thread is hilarious Hahaha

This thread has cheered me up immensly today.

Was feeling the work blues as the paperwork piles up around me...yeehaw!
Now I am smiling....
I think I will add later my gripes of certain work colleagues.... don't have the time now

to be continued....

what's interesting about work relationships & interactions is that you can work with somebody, for years, day in day out.. get along, enjoy their company, as you would, BUT STILL not give a shit who they really are outside of work. its like.. would you REALLY hang out with these people in real life?

or, you can work with people, have "work friendships", but you never end up seeing them again, OR really hear from them much. its a strange effort. you know people from work, but sometimes its the most surface level interaction ever.

it makes you think, who really affects your life. ya know?

OR its like.. energy.

people's energy is weird. sometimes, its good, sometimes not. some people drain the fuck out of you.

i work with this dude, who I can fire at anytime - and I probably will sometime soon, as I hired him, and I am his superior, I'm still hunting for the *right* staff to accommodate my new gig - but ... its like you can put up with a person's workplace weaknesses, or overlook them in order to try make it work just to get a job done. OR, just get rid of them. dealing with a person's energy is enough to decide if you want to work with them or not, right? I'm like that now. I get a long with buddy as a friend or workplace peer, just joking around and stuff, but as a worker as his superior.. dude is wack. i don't feel his energy. lol.

personality, & energy is maybe more important that skill. no? if i did fire him, it'd be based on his personality, or "lack of interpersonal skills", rather that his actual functionality doing a task. does that make sense?

i should just fire the fucker. lol.

^^ so

I fired the idiot today. Smile


i left my laptop on with this thread on the screen when i went for a couple of hoursFauxpas

believe it or not, the guy I fired a couple years ago mentioned above ^^ will occasionally text me out of the blue asking if I can find him work, get him a new job, OR he even asks to work for me, or work with me again. LOL. Not to disrespect the guy to extreme degrees, but as I said, sometimes workplace peers are better as friends, outside of the workplace, and NOT as your employees, or superior even, visaversa. I guess that's the point, it is a learning curve. in all seriousness, sometimes personality / energy is more important than a person's job experience, or capability even. As I said, a person can have all the experience, and even perform great utilizing various skills, but if that person is an asshole to work with, I prefer somebody who I can get along with as a co-worker FIRST, rather than valuing somebody's chill factor, or compatibility as a friend, ya know?  For example, I'd never recommend the dude to any employer as a reference, cuz he's an ass to work with, but other than that, he's alright  outside of the workplace. is that shady? I told him that tho, that's why I fired him ha. No hard feelings on his part tho, I explained my stance. 

What I don't agree with, is superiors, managers, etc who party, & get drunk with their staff on the regular. I'm not here for that shit.  Grumble  staff parties.. or drinking buds outside of the workplace with your boss, or manager, etc.  I see it as a weakness.  thoughts?

You mean David Brent?

Fecking robots, the lot of you. Go and malfunction over the prefix "anti-social socialite".

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