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cue long mixer lasting pots and channel 2 split w advice

Thread Contributor: josh-hillMixer advice - 2 channel w/ split cue and long lasting pots

I need to replace my cheap 2-channel denon mixer. The sound quality of the thing was actually pretty good when I got it, but the pots of the EQs, gains, headphones, etc worn out pretty quick (problems within a year of normal use).

Over time, these problems have gone worse and I'm still looking for a good replacement mixer. It needs to have:

- (at least) 2 channels
- long-lasting pots
- split-cue (as I'm mixing without monitors)
- (very) good sound quality

Note that I mix with Serato, so I don't need more than 2 channels. I don't have space for a wide mixer anyway.

It's said that Ecler mixers have an excellent sound quality, so a NUO 2.0 or 3.0 would've been an option. But Ecler mixers don't have split-cue and I really need that as I don't have monitors. It's probably less of a problem when using Serato, but still... it's almost impossible to hear the hints in silent intros on just headphones without split-cue. I don't know if Ecler uses long-lasting pots or not.

Rane mixers seem to be very good as well, but some guy once told me that he didn't like the quality of the pots as compared to e.g. some fancy fader-less mixer. Also, they're a bit pricey.

I'm wondering if anyone knows a mixer that might meet my requirements.

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