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February 28, 2009

You´ll find the direct links in this thread.

Much Love. K

krazy Wrote:The tip of the week is the mixture of Lagavulin 16 and chilli chocolate.


Spring Edition Part 5

Massive shouts to all Finlandia crew who dropped some slick liquid on Pivotal. Helsinki Sunshine is the name of the great pack of 12´s ( Satisfaction guaranteed).

In this selection we have blended the usual favorites and music by; Raw Q, D Bex & Kaleb, Escher, Atom, Deep Inc, Serum, Sinistarr, Bal etc...

Raw Q - Summer rain - Influence
Modemellow - Darksaber - Camino Blue
Facing Jinx - I Know
Elctro Soulsystem - So far away - Innerground
D Bex & Kaleb - Symbolic - Pivotal
Felix K - Camber one - Hidden Agenda
Bal - Marquee moon - Influence
Black Rain - Life cycle - Scale
Deep Inc - Grand piano - Renegade Hardware
Escher - Austere - Future Thinkin
Usual Suspects - Calimist - 31
Serum & Bladerunner - Snake fist - Creative Source
Sinistarr - My thoughts exactly - Inside
Seba & Krazy - Arsenic - Innerground
Atom - Obscurantis

Respects to: Vibez, Influence, Camino Blue, Creative Source, ItsTooLoud.Com, Seba And The Secretoperations.

The Chilli Chocolate Session

Great music by artist like; Escher, Double O, Twisted Project, Stranjah & Outlook, Silbrfish, Bal, Sinistarr, Mendelayev, Dj Enemy, Nolige...

Double 0 - I can´t Sleep - Hidden Hawaii
Esher - T.Slice - Future Thinkin
Nolige - Bad city - Scientific Wax
Stranjah & Outlook - Changed
Twist Project - Feel that sound - Under Brazil
Furney - Distance - Good Looking
Silbrfish - Fzero - Itstooloud
Good, 2Bad & Hugly - Show me your love - 2Bad Recordings
Bal - Marquee moon - Influence
Big Bud - Tears - Paradox Music
Sinistarr vs. Aril Brihka - Read only memory
Mendeleyev - On edge
Dj Enemy - Breathe out - Outsider
Niskala - Terminated - 36 Heartz
Electro Soulsystem - Form og life - Kosmos

Thanks to: Lagavulin 16, Vibez, Influence, Outsider and all listeners.

Spring Edition

Fresh music from artist like: Format One, Bal, Deep Blue, Furney & Locksmith, Twist Project, Instra:Mental, Nookie, Champagne, Sinistarr, Don- Q, Future Engineers, Toru, M-Jazzy, Electro Soulsystem and Kyro.

Furney & Locksmith - Wake up Mr.Red - Camino Blue
Champagne - Dance of the fireflies
Nookie - Sunset over Sopot - Phuzion Records
M Jazzy - Live Cirlce - Sunrize
Mikal - You´re the one - Pristine
Bal - Eight and half - Influence
Kyro - Waterfalls - Next Generation
Future Engineers - Bionix (Electro Soulsystem)- Kosmos
Instra:mental - Intervention - Exit
Deep Blue - Helvetica - Scale
Twist Project - Let´s soul - Under Brazil
Sinistarr - Leeroy Jenkins - Influence
Toru - Monocrome
Don Q - Dub one another

Many thanks to all the artist, Influence, Kosmos, Vibez, Exit, Phuzion and Camino Blue.

Much Love. K
The best is yet 2 come...

Sorry peeps there´s a tired person gettin off on the mic. Perhaps the frustration of not seing any future for dnb music in Stockholm is the blame. Anyways still a lot of word; Secretoperations. Actually make that three words; Alpha 34 and Microman.

Tunes in the mix:

Facing Jinx - Break out
Atlantic Connection - Remember Tullum -Advance
Mutt & Visionary - Go on and cry - Inside
AM, Alex Db & Lupa Mabuze -Cosmic soul
Kaleb - Past the sun - Pivotal
Calibre - Mr.Right on - Signature
Poya - Unreachable
Seba - Alpha 34 -Secretoperations
Rosén & Hasselrot - Rädslan (Fear)
ICR - Identity fragment - MJazz
Soultec - Baby it´s you
Zero T - Rising sun
D-Bridge - Whats on your mind - Soul:R


Yes the season of matchfishing is about to shoot, so i´m gettin nostalgic cause afterall classic dnb and fishing is my thingi.

Hope U love what get this time.

Shouts 2: Future Talk, Vibez, Reinforced, Basement, Metalheadz, Precious Material,Timeless and all personell involved.

Delite-K - Schema - Futuretalk
Dune - Locked on - Basement
Seiji - Density - Reinforced
Hidden Agenda - Is this love ? - Metalheadz
Jazz Juice - Move your body - Precious Material
Fusion Forum - Vintage keys (The art)- Reinforced
J-Majik - Pictures - Infra Red
Source Direct - A made up sound - Metalheadz
Decoder - Tension - Elementz
Sonar Circle - The 5th dragon - Reinforced
Big Bud - Blue print - Vibez
The Funky Technicians - Essence - Timeless
G-Force - ??? - Indochina White
Parallax - Watercolours - Urban Flavour



Sharpneck Sound Lounge

Another show another go. Classic stuff hammered all over the place. We hope some stereo´s gonna pump this groove loud.

The Tunes:

Siji - Fantasy
Roy Ayers - Searching
B.T. Express - Energy level
High Fly - Tell me
Badwater Bridge - It´s alright tonight
Brass onstruction - Movin
Beggar & Co - Time
War - Good,good feeling
Incognito - Love,joy,understanding
George Duke - Look what find
Chaka Khan - Do you love what you feel
Galaxy - Visions of tomorrow
Zenith - People of the sun
Raul Midon - Sunshine
Bill Summers & Summers Heat - Latin space mambo
The Blackbyrds - Rock creek park
Fertile Ground - Peace and love
Abstract Truth - Get another plan




For The Power Of Love

Microman -Unknown-
Wipe The Needle -You got me- Feat:Carlene Graham
Kerri Chandler -So let the wind come-
Kraftwerk -Robots- Opolopo remake
High Feeling -Ufo bible
Liquid Liquid -Optimo pt2- remix
Kabuki -Tempest-
Robert Manos -In this life-
Mathew Jonson -Typerope-
Microman -Power of love-
Larry Heard -Freaky-
Kerri Chandler -Re-edits-
Amalia -Find a way-
Jonny Miller -Nine-eight-zero-
Drexcya -Journey home-



Dub Fi Di I

Dub Selection By The Infamous Dj Krazy



Soul For Summer Heat

Sweet Soulful Music



Classic HipHop Recorded Mid 90´s

From The Series Of Mixtapes Called "Konkreet Jungle Sound"

The best is yet 2 come...

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