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Wire (Ambient Asian) 2016 compendium
Some artlists...

75 dollar bill . Aguirre records . Fat out . Samarbeta . The burrow . Emma Thompson .

Still looking for more attention for my mate j Linton and their I Actually Come Back CDR the UK at least.

Island People - Island People -

Effusion is a drug, but only when internalised. Rejection is life not cohering, telling us we're finished...

Projected to external reality, which is better? Something erudite comes from imagining the outcome, I would like to think.
We know ideas need mother nature. Literally, crops over waste. Exiting the humble beginning is driven by a consciousness.
I sometimes think of islands as drugs and consciousness objectified...they are refuges. But also, they can be mundane. The
British Isles is an island, after all, one of many in the world's tectonic land. Island People is an massive and just as mundane act name for this reason, because these are common least it's familiar, like a local pub inlet, though.
The first track I select at random as a sample is the fifth: "From The Sky". Sounds like Alva Noto and Robert Davies. Calm and
illustriously detailed. Nice ground powder voices blow in the breeze, like tumbleweeds in a desert. Sounds special. So I shift to
the start of the record before 3 minutes are up, and play it through. Turns out to be something very fine and mellifluous.
Only, the album actually preceded with dub sounds; an undulating bass pattern, small glimmers of synth, Oval-like drone
crickets and percussive rotor blades. The imagery is a Chinook levitating across an airbase. Hope glimmers in its crystal form.

"Colour District", piece two commences more vivaciously. Some bubbling atmospheres, some new age pads, some key fluctuations, some reverb razzmatazz. The record succeeds on this case basis: it has a strong set of diametric contours. The use of varied metre and
contradistinctions between weight, presence, optimal melodic temperature to run a groove like a lock on a vinyl tape machine, an
elicit colour wash to the overall opacity of the output, stands to reason with Island People. These people have produced some
pellets for the pigeons Peregrines and Kestrels in the skies above to grow fat with, to fill up their plumage with. Drones of a
feather, so to speak, flock together, and by the time "Vultures And Doves" arrives we have another aerial string to the bow,
shot by an archangel from purgatory into a wider tectonic set of plates, refusing to gather dust as they cohere like objects on
a dining room table.

"Thought I Knew You", the tune that arrives forthwith, injects a little extra charisma to that very Aphex-y palette of the much
compared Selected Ambient Works series, but the comparison is only really notable because of the acid ambient elements. Still,
I make a point...isn't that mundanity altogether? The musing is a preordained way of really "housing" a concept for absolution and extrapolation...but what does that even mean? This means in short that the brain can get carried away in temporal signposting, whereas this music is completely intuitive, a finger-on-pulse anti-grandeur, a humility about the whole shebang, is very resonant. Joining up with "From The Sky" where I began, the bulk of the music combines together beautifully. It has a sort of conglomerate cluster effect, like layers of Neapolitan ice cream in the same box.

A general natural ordinance is upheld, there is no specific structure throughout, only drift, but this effect creates meaning, creates acquiescence. In short, I adore this record. I've been listening to it when I cannot sleep unconsciously around 4am each morning on headphone. It has a really lovely, garlicky potency to it, or the heat of a light chilli: strong, but not enough to overpower. Would it not
be wonderful if, despite the icky sentiment, if all the Island People of the world could live in peace for once to sounds like this. It's a bit John Lennon - Imagine, isn't it? Well, I'm not middle class and this sound set isn't sickly...I guess the only differences we can really uncover in mind drugs and finishing ideas is to have them form a land mass, an island, all of their own making, every time we dream...every time we sleep.

Mick Buckingham

from the obscure genre "ambient exotica":

Smiley Bluesmiley

Yer one bizzy bot today eh, Stat Tron.

Yeah Mike Cooper is class, reviewed that L.P for Fluid radio not long ago. sad story came with it. the raft caught fire and the children died. can't imagine the pain they must all feel for that time, but at least things can be laid to rest with a record of sorts.
it's a hazy cluster-fest.

nice ambient techno ambience from Lobster Theremin on 12' vinyl. S Olbricht. Sub to their newsie for more.

(23rd July 2017, 16:23)Muttley Wrote: Yer one bizzy bot today eh, Stat Tron.


More ambient techno from Garrett David

Edit: Upon listening further, this is an incredibly addictive technoid listen. Very deep and laid back. Just my type of thing. I might even end up buying it...

Well I did buy the garrett david, but lobster theremin recent batch is still exclusive test pressing stage and awaiting pre-order release. so I can only play my favourite track, "vermillon" out on radio.

Edit: now I can download the release, because since Monday 24th, LT have BC-released the pre-order.

Jasper TX BC Cat

In Wire 400, since-1983 contributor David Toop writes thusly: "John Latham talked about education in the mental furniture industry, in other words a process of filling minds with the clutter of chairs and tables on which received knowledge can occupy a designated place. To some degree this question of how music defines itself ids about furniture and how music fits into the narratives of sitting. When I started playing improvised music with Paul Burwell in 1969 I stood or sat on a chair and he sat on a drum stool. Not too many years after that, everything had gravitated down onto the floor. The chairs had gone and their banishment had been of the music. Absurd maybe but items of furniture were part of this boundary because they gave the impression of a stage set for which there was an implicit audience, a start and finish time, acceptable performance durations, drinks in the interval and all the other accoutrements of showbusiness that distanced us from what we wanted to do". All wallflower talk maybe, a point without a purpose, but there is some purpose to what Toop elucidates; namely, ambient music was done for as a secular force from progessive rock keyboardism onwards. Stand-up ability of guitar and piano and keyboard instruments are just there to reign in the theory.

Mer de Revs II - Music For Insomniacs 

A study in deliberately soothing textures designed to give the listener space to find stillness and collapse into rest - late night lullabies. 

How To Disappear Completely presents Mer de Revs II, second installment of our experimental sleep music project. Almost eighty minutes of new music composed and recorded over twelve month period (a song per month), 2016/2017. Recording this album we wanted to keep the same aesthetics - simple as possible, minimal amount of gear as possible. We genuinely appreciate your support, and hope you enjoy the new music. As always, thanks for listening. 

More volumes of Mer de Revs are likely to appear in the future.
released July 28, 2017 

Recorded live to 2 inch tape. 
Composed with Yamaha DX7, tape loops, processed/reprocessed guitars, voice and loads of old VHS tapes.


01. Aislin (In Silver Dust) 00:00
02. Oressa 03:32
03. Pandora 09:02
04. Hava 16:39
05. Evellia 21:21
06. Luna 26:47
07. Aylin 30:53
08. Rhiannon 34:58
09. Endora 40:38
10. Moana 42:41
11. Ivo 46:50
12. Laliah 50:21
13. Amaya 55:47
14. Seraphim III 59:40

50% off at the bandcamp site for Dronarivm for the whole of August, just enter code SUM17

Wanderwelle debut album on Silent Season sounds very good:
Green vinyl also looks dope.

Gotta say im still in love with Steve Roach - Quiet Music (1980).

Anyway thanks for the new records peeps.

something I just discovered on's selling right now function
celtic hymns

thought you might like in a kind of tori amos / Bjork esque backing of traditional celtic tunes
the download according to the notes comes with the original sheet music and variants

I listened to both of them...both really good, but the first is easily my favourite.

tdd readers will remember lymbyc systym - love your abuser lp on mush records. I just rediscovered this album called "shutter release" which is nice percussive ambient ditties with showtune appeal. very textured, pastoral stuff with nods to early analog bubblebath aphex twin and tortoise. what makes it ambient is its context to be instrumental music that doesn't distract your work too much.

"Bedroom Anthem" is my favourite, as also with descriptor Michael Wildman

Nathan Fake

quite nice Rainbow

Fovea Hex - The Salt Garden II

Winding down music Smile

Gareth Hardwick - Experiment 3 - Low Point label

2 nineteen minute drone tracks.

Federico Durand

Lurrrvely, floatty, fatty ambient rinds, like zee pork flying from me spouses plate. Yippeee!

I've gotta give special praise to Hammock - Mysterium, it's one of the most beautiful releases I've heard this year.

yes ind-33d dib the 'mysterium' album is a terrific one...breathtaking emotions inside the track layers.

i think the notepad or onenote or note jotting is just to legitimize a thought as worthwhile in the mind.
for instance, what is a flower without a photo? it's still a flower.
humans are genetically viaducted towards a type of dna-gratification, own-accessorise mantra.
the hammock record made me think again about how i appropriate terminology to beauty.
over-egging something's worth is a common sense backfire mechanism towards being a slave to the past.
that's where one-sentence answers and descriptions are always more long term than my spiek.
i just talk bollocks.

Give Jonesy's mixes a bit of dough track list wise


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