Crew need music ideas..

I dont know whats going on with my condition but Im totally comatised... I think I have a few hours to blast the stereo.. Would love if anyone could recommend any albums? I really feel at a loss of whats out there to search for, kinda in a fog as well as not being able to move. Just want to block the depression of it all out with some good music..

carbon based lifeforms - world of sleepers

(and someone has uploaded the whole thing to the tube)

much love - i'm in the same boat atm, i am tired.

yeah I cant believe my main source for music is utube lately. thanks xxx..

listening to this atm (thanks to ICR on facebook) pretty awesome.;!

very nice, i'm listening to the beatless version at the mo

I listened to Scorn - Zander twice yesterday Smile


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