Normally a thread for the production forum. Interested in what everyone uses for listening, not producing (unless they're mutually exclusive for you). More important than all that, what do you think of them.

I've been trying out some new 'phones and have been left unimpressed. Philips Fidelio L1 and Focal Spirit One. Realised my Audio Technica's AD300 aren't that bad after all considering they were about a 1/3 the price of those I've tested this week.

Over to you.

Not a huge tech/spec guy, I use the Allen & Heath XD-53 phones. Bass response is loud n clear, sound reproduction isn't wacko or exaggerated... I'm a happy camper Drums

i stopped caring after the last run in with the washing machine.

Alessandro Grado MS2i (Music Series Two)


[Image: 2cwo3g6.jpg]

"Transducer type: Dynamic
Operating principle: Open air
Frequency response: 18 - 24K Hz
SPL lmV: 100
Nominal impedance: 32 Ohms
Driver match db: 0.05
- Vented diaphragm
- Aluminum air chamber
- UHPLC voice coil wire
- UHPLC connecting cord

All metal work for the Music Series Two is machined from a special non-resonant, very hard alloy. A special processing method is used to increase the materials porosity. This complex treatment insures that the earphone chamber has no "ringing" which might obscure detail or add coloration. The Music Series Two model also utilize UHPLC in its connecting cable."

link to head-fi.org headphone forum (sorry about your wallet):


DAC/Monitor Controller w/ Integrated Headphone Amp is a Dangerous Music Source:


[Image: source-rear-view.jpg?cache=19300542422570287000]
[Image: source-with-macbook.jpg?cache=81740983156487340000]

for listening to stuff at my desk in work i got a pair of Klipsch Image S4 Headphones, does the job nicely, blocks out all the noise and I am oblivious to anything that is happening around me Yes

beyerdynamic DT880 Premium 600ohm + Rane HC6 to drive them.

AKG K601. the sound is rather neutral, however it certainly lacks some bass (bought it when bass heavy music wan't a priority and i got it for a good price). i like it. but maybe try a K701 if AKG is an option for you.

I guess i'll list stuff. why not

At work - I have my old set of Denon DN-HP700's
At home - Audio Technica ATH-M50s'seses

And shitty ear buds in-between because i destroy them every couple months.

nothing super fancy

apogee Wrote:Alessandro Grado MS2i (Music Series Two)

[Image: 2cwo3g6.jpg]

Fuck all the stats, those things are lovely. And having heard even the SR60's I know that Grado mean business. They are stunning though.

Trialling some HD650's at the moment and really enjoying them. Nothing fancy just straight out of a Rockbox'd Sansa Clip. Could be the ones but I'm drawn elsewhere still as these certainly have some frequencies I'm less keen on.

ASC - Beyer's get the studio vote which I always find a bit weird as they have a definite mid range big dip in sound. Trying out some DT990 open backs at the weekend and quietly hopeful they might be better than the HD650's to my ears.

Wilshy Wrote:Fuck all the stats



I use Pioneer SE-M290, which have really shit construction (I've replaced two pairs already and the ones I'm using now, are also broken). Sound is rather ok, for such money, but probably will be buying anything but Pioneer next time.

Grado !!! all models are great, only thing how much money you want give for headphones!

kaos Wrote:Grado !!! all models are great, only thing how much money you want give for headphones!

yeah, i've been suppressing a bout of upgraditis re: a step up from the MS2i to the Grado PS500. $600 for headphones is kinda tough to justify atm. maybe i'll let the $600 ride in the stock market and see if i can "earn" me those cans. : )

I love my Grado MS2i though. Supposedly a lot less "bright" than the SR325is. Think I like my Dynaudio DBM50 monitors more though.

[Image: d591958ec49fad264e22d3a4ce8777ff.png]

on a side note, I'm looking for $100 or so closed cans for the office. will report back on what my research fosters...

Sony MDR-ZX700 is probably a good start. KRK do a model for around your price range as well.

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