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Darkest Hour - The Mark of the Judas lp (2000), first piece of music i listen to this morning.

early Darkest Hour still fuckin RAGES!! so good. Smile


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Envy - Tokyo, Japan

if i threw a house party, with a bbq & all, i'd ask Envy to play.




This Routine is Hell - Utrecht, NL

[Image: 270597_10151730713603570_1426888713_n.jpg]

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Col-Lapse - Barcelona, Spain

loving the Rites Of Spring feel.

[Image: a2084846118_10.jpg]

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true story: I went through the entire basement t shirt selections of Generation Records on a Sunday afternoon in NYC a few weeks ago, and my 2 sole purchases were a NAILS "Unsilent Death" t shirt.. and another Limp Wrist shirt. My day was content.

[Image: tumblr_l6qteaGfkQ1qbfri1o1_1280.jpg]


more Martin Sorrondeguy / Limp Wrist related action of course.

Needles - Lengua Armada Discos, B.S. Records, Iron Lung Records



Kurraka - Ausin, Texas

Kurraka lp out now - April 2014

[Image: a0874389783_10.jpg]




Raein - Forli, Italy



new GODFLESH. now.

[Image: a1573781807_10.jpg]

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new Code Orange Kids set to drop later this year

in the meantime...

[Image: 10273699_692076507500739_8319860754617500719_n.jpg]


Bison BC - Vancouver, Canaduh

always a good time. Smile

[Image: 0002882934_10.jpg]


Native - Valparaiso, Indiana

[Image: a4159937038_10.jpg]


American Football

2014 reunion, and American Football lp reissue in effect. who would've thought?

[Image: 10388097_10152474148276285_6245579677414983770_n.jpg]


Departures - Glasgow, UK



I Spy - Regina SK / Winnipeg MB, Canaduh - 1994 - 1996

"Perversity is's about time" discography lp - 1998, G7 Welcoming Committee

one of my fave lp's ever. k?

[Image: g7004_hi.jpg]

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as of June 3, 2014, there's a new Fucked Up record.

its called Glass Boys, released on Matador Records / Arts & Crafts . its good.


[Image: 10174920_631303033620587_1931216206115693055_n.jpg]
[Image: 1508977_633980413352849_4107640437882601367_n.jpg][Image: 1972490_633979503352940_7696807007598903938_n.jpg]


[Image: artworks-000080097658-02zarv-t500x500.jpg]
Fucked Up - Glass Boys lp (Slow Version)

[Image: 10423807_787910127900613_443891196635924848_n.jpg]

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Fine Before You Came - Milano, Italy

[COLOR="#00FFFF"]Fine Before You Came - A U T O C E L E B R A Z I O N E - a film by MIRKO BARBAGLIA
& FBYC, 2010 documentary[/COLOR]



I found it crazy that Moss Icon reunited a couple years ago.

its a fondness that lasts forever really.


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hope to finally catch these kids live in a few days. Smile

[Image: tumblr_n6ykm8CrWS1qjpb6mo1_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_n4hxoaRRXS1qjpb6mo1_500.jpg]

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Frontier(s) - Louisville, KY - ex Elliott, Falling Forward, Stay Gold, etc.

good to hear Chris Higdon is still doing his thing. I can go for some some Frontier(s) anytime really. they sound great.

Frontier(s) "White Lights" lp forthcoming July 2014 via Tiny Engines.



False Cathedrals - Revelation Records 2000. my fave Elliott release.

U.S Songs as well. might need to slap these on the player again for the summer.



I've been listening to the new Bob Mould record today. the previous 2012 "Silver Age" lp was great.

"Beauty & Ruin" is the new lp, via Merge Records June 3, 2014

decades on, Bob Mould still makes me happy. as always, thanks mang.

[Image: 10_700_700_520_bobmould_900px_newmini.jpg]




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