Frightened by Donald Trump? You don’t know the half of it...


He's already out of control and doesn't give a shit about what he says or does.

God only knows what we are in for with him...


Shakespeare vs Trump (and UKIP)



Trump has stated exactly what he was going to do while running for office, it resonated with many Americans. He got voted into office and is carrying out exactly what he said he would do. I don't understand all the confusion and 'frightened' people?



Unfortunately 'understanding' and 'distaste' are two separate things...

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Talking about affairs over the weekend, I summed it up that personally, media, or otherwise, we are witnessing elements of trauma trying to dissect and understand a person's instinctual mentality, impulses, brain farts, habits, interpersonal skills & relations, history, lack of interpersonal skills & relations, senior rich man on the brink with no off switch, diverse levels of crazy, (un)respectabilites, comedy gold.. but all scary at the same time, as YES, the American public ALLOWED it to happen, and enough voters welcomed it into reality.

It is all a CHOICE to make things happen. And.. they did. Trauma of "..oops", or people wanting to witness a freakshow. Attention spans LOVE this shit. Social media as political ladders into office, social media as public political scandal & story lines, it's here.

Missy Elliot released a bomb tune last week, Trump is real, I might be watching the current "New Celebrity Apprentice" with Arnold Schwarzenegger as host and Vince Neil from Motley Crue & Boy George in the cast, but.. we always remember where Trump came from.

hmm. It was weird enough when Arnold was elected as Governor of California, remember??



Sometimes I forget to catch local CBC skit shows.


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On a more serious wtf note...

Direct words from Nixon Impeachment Committee member, Elizabeth Holtzman, who helped write the US Refugee Act of 1980.


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The whole situation is mind-boggling. How it could happen in the first place, how it is shaping up and how diplomats and media are being bullied by the Trump staff - it is  beyond my comprehension.

Russian hackers aside, if he really got voted into office legally, it makes me sad to see, which seem to be the things that appeal to many US voters. A rampaging hateful misogynic narcissistic billionaire? For f*cking real?

Of course Trump voters "get what they asked for", but I just feel so sorry for the majority of US citizens, who didn't vote for this prick and now have to see him stomp on everything that's sacred or good. Since day one of his presidency, news have turned into a freakshow. Most days it leaves me kinda speechless.




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For info on conscious consumerism, if you feel the need to boycott companies & establishments that carry, support, or have contributed to Trump family brands, check the link below.


Depending how things go throughout the world in relation, I'm sure there will be more entries added to the list. Chin


Most of these companies don't affect me, but I was really surprised about finding Elon Musk on this list. Icon_eek


I'm boycotting Starbucks Xyxthumbs


their coffee isn't all that anyway. I still blame the DNC and their stubborn refusal to believe that Clinton was unelectable
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/


(3rd February 2017, 22:31)MetaLX Wrote: I'm boycotting Starbucks Xyxthumbs

I'll join in !
Music critic for the Tally Ho





SNL is on fire with Trump becoming a president.


Against normalization:






"..As of 12:11 am EST, February 10, 2017, 814,270 signers and counting have joined the campaign to Impeach Trump Now. The signature count will be periodically updated."..



Official recorded deportation of Mexican immigrant this week.





that first cbc skit you posted mate is comedy gold, satire at its most stubbornly wry


The ending had me in stitches. Rofl

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