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Thank you!

Does anyone have an immediate distaste for Muttley or what?

Look I know people are shit scared to post nowadays for fear of a continuity relapse. But it would be nice to get an opinion apart from my love's - that which I keep needing to refill, because what I forgive, I forget so quickly.

You need to understand how a schizophrenic person's brain works and the constant need for approval, I try and relent, but I'm SAD.
SAD = schizo affective disorder. I am as far removed from reality as the flying Andromeda Spaghetti Monster is to fish and chips.

Statto is the only person who comes through. Statto is genuine. But Statto is always here. The rest of's like you don't exist to me. None of you are in my life. You know the story, but you don't know me. You don't know how hard I work and how much I've had to go through just to avoid death of spirit in the last ten years. The last ten years have been hell, for all concerned. Now out with it.

Hence the new step, to "flush out crap".

And don't worry, as I write into the non-serious interwebz eleventyone mire, so I DON'T THINK ANY OF YOU ARE EVIL.

It's just my schizophrenia.

A case in point. Is that I keep going back to this quote from The Godfather, sampled by Guardians Of Dalliance on "Beneath Sunrise"...

"There are no bad guys. Just disturbed guys".

So, the more you lot prove to Muttley your true personality and goodness, the better the forum gets. Because I edit so much and write so much code in my sleep.

Some of this narrative comes across in the closing spoken word. I also broke my D guitar string in the process of making this record. Which gave the recorded U-Turn of "Shit"..."We need to flush out the crap", et cetera combos with chilli on top.


Thank you Statto. Hugs

Here's where the story ends.

Dear valued Mick Muttley Buckingham supporter...
200 codes of "Flushing Out Crap LP" for you.

133 views for such little interaction is excellent.

unrivalled popularity Teef

honestly, i'm rather taken aback. 325 people are interested. or 325 views means some repeat views, but basically personality replicants with new beginings.

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