CD Singles

As a teenager, I bought a few. CD-singles that is. Possibly the most useless music distribution format ever (at least in my lifetime).

Here is one of them:
Music critic for the Tally Ho

I have a few CD singles but I don't list them anywhere because they're stupid

That was a pretty good CD-single I bought - Prong's remixes


Interesting, how the beats are very 2step pattern-ish although this came out early '94
Music critic for the Tally Ho

The first timeless msic I ever bought was on the CD single formt. Dido - Here With Me with 3 remixes, taking in downtempo house and techn.

After that I bought "Sing For The Moment / Rabbt Run (Soundtrack Version Explict) by Eminem. Staind "It's Been A While".

But I was mostly buying tapes back that. I bought one "Now That's What I Call [Shit]" comp on tape, and one Now Dance tape.

The Now Dance tape actually had all reasonable dance tunes on it. Nothing crap.

I still think tape is a better format than CD singles and vinyl combined.

It's like digital but portable, and compatible with every operating tape machine.

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