I have a lot of fun with this pocket device. Indeed, when I performed with the Po 28 Robot from Teenage Engineering for the first time in its history, someone later commented that is “Aphex Twin in your pocket”. I wouldn't disagree with the idea of what you get from an element of Aphex Twin. This machine – all 24 or so calculator knobs of butter – makes a deadly electronic music device. 

Available from for £56.99

I'll add comments.

So, what makes it so long-term fun? Unlimited combinations for I. The ability to use its electronic drum machines and sound sets in such a way that there are unlimited possibilities. It's all about variants, variation, remixing, cross-integration. If you can line-in it into a decent public address system it's got a lot of bass weight and incredible dynamics. The tones range from silly blips to Detroit bleeps, swirling pads and dizzying sound effects.

Overzealous G.A.S (gear acquisition syndrome) is rife in contemporary 22nd century culture - we haven't got there yet, it's like "bear with us, the space capsule is approaching" - what can you expect to notice as someone with a lot of g.a.s, pardon the pun? Humans get bored easily too, so I'll explain. My expectations of this device to be an all-in-one Ableton were blown out the water, as it does a lot more than that in its most basic synthetic reasoning. It is possible to delay, calculate strong delay chains in audio, use the drum machine as a stand-in pulse variant (like a bass), and lots more.

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