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EBay sales pending — FAO Altered Ego (& anyone else)
these are going up on ebay this evening unless someone here wants to buy them...

metalheadz - platinum breaks iii (4x12" vinyl)
special forces - freeway / sci-clone - everywhere i go (original mix) / doc scott - drumz 2000 / digital - b-boyism / total science - cube / source direct - dog style / hidden agenda - kramberry juice / john b - diversify

no u-turn - torque (3x12" vinyl)
ed rush & nico - proton / ed rush & nico - torque / trace & nico - damn son / nico - lo / fierce & nico - cry
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old Sonz disk — £2 with 7 hours to go
sonz of a loop da loop era - session one (riots in rayleigh) / session two inc. breaks theme pt.2 (dantronix in the house) (suburban base 033r)


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welcome oblio — subvert 500
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AE's ATTN all producers thread — expunged posts
altered ego Wrote:if you would be willing to partake in a project that i am currently organising please contact me by pm so that i may register your intrest.

what project?!? Icon_eek Icon_eek Baffled

tell me!!!! Bigstick
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ATTN Scope — thread went weird
this was originally my subvert central release schedule thread
but it went all weird at page 7 which became page 7 of 6
and subsequent oddities occurred

Baffled Baffled Baffled

see below for my thread testing antics


anyway, i split the sensible posts off into a new sc release schedule thread and left this one here for you to peruse at your leisure

Scope Wave Wave



spx10 "leisure" Oops

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Age of Consent — an interesting thread on DOA
fuck me: I've totally fallen for a 14 yr old

it's a personal thread but it raises an interesting topic

there's a load of bullshit replies posted
basically everyone (including the author) assumes that it's morally wrong

but is it?

my reply...

[quote=Statto]there's nothing sick about this, nothing to be ashamed of

your only trouble is the age of consent
check... http://www.avert.org/aofconsent.htm
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SC zine — things required
one or two night reviews would be good
e.g. subversive renaissance, sb:advance/pi/noir, carbon, etc.

also photographs if anyone has got any?

plus anything else anyone thinks of

but asap please Xyxthumbs
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SC CD shares — pez & mad marshal
good stuff

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general forum thread — opinions please
subvert central is:
1) an internet forum for musical and subversive issues (click here)
2) a fledgling record label for eclectic drum and bass, jungle and associated genres (see below)
3) a wholly internet-based label (sc:digital) for all styles of underground electronica (click here)
4) a worldwide community with a pluralist approach to dnb - in which all styles can be
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Checklist — I never leave home without:
1 sunglasses: I wear them all year around, and seem to need them more and more.
2 music: cassettes, cds.
3 palm pilot: it's my lifeline; I think its my PA's computer, she rules my diary and I download it.
4 mobile phone.
5 amex card; they made such a fuss about giving it to me, but I spent more time getting it turned down.

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