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Official OHMOSR 003/004/Poster Mailout Thread!!!
As of today, April 12th, all subs have been mailed out.

Kurt and I personally escorted the packages to the post office ourselves both on Saturday and Monday [two trips!!!].

Despite being chastised by the locals, we managed to pull it off!

As a heads up, you will find upon receving the items that the sides were mislabeled. Appearantly it was backwards day the day our records were pressed. They are etched correctly, just labeled wrong.

Thanks to everyone for their patience!!!

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720 004 The Nautilus
Looking for this, if any one sees it about I'd be grateful for a heads up! Wink :P
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SC:Digital 004
When will it happen? Baffled
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Forensic - Bladerunner / Tiny Circles - Flavour Vinyl 004
....two old tunes by the man klute.....

Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie

feckin tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

absolute wikked early bizness from the klute :
nice original sounding break on bladrunner with some mellow / jazzy vibez and some lovely floaty keyboards/synths!!!!!!!, amen break on tiny circles with some early trance-ish synths as well.....
feckin wikked!!!!!!!

Falcon Falcon

been getting into some older (94-96) "jazzy" / "mellow" "speed
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Seba - Shapeshifter - secops 004
I usually dont post on forums unless i have to...

this release calls for a post

It is coming out on secret operations. The reason why it's taking so long is because my intentions was for this track to become a b-side for "16 stories" on headz. By the time i decided to puti on secret ops, I had another releases coming in november, so "shapeshifter" was planned for early 2005. I got the tp's and wasn't happy, so we're re-cutting it at the moment. I hope this release comes out in march/april
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out now: alphacut 004
out now on alphacut records:
nalpas / hi-lar / mze / jakin boaz - alphacut 004 12"

we are still here. don’t care what all the others are proclaiming. sit down and relax, we will help you against all today’s bad musical influences. because everyone is telling us that we do so, we have to believe and push it forward. even if all this should be a lie, the music will make it come true.

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mutt :: dublite /// + d:bridge rmx ::: horizons 004
Quote:Originally posted by HORIZONS MUSIC

Mutt - Dublites

Mutt - Dublites [D BRIDGE REMIX]

really liking the original mix.... lush!
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Howdy people,

Hope you all had a fun festive season...

Audio for p:m004 is now up in the DOA promo section, some of you may know what the tracks are already but if you don't please check it out!



a: Virgo

aa: Missing Song

Expect promos early February, Paula or myself will give you the exact date a
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Counter Intelligence 003 & 004 - PRE ORDER!

Two 12"es from Counter Intelligence are coming out soon!

You can pre-order these directly with Counter Intelligence and get them delivered to you within 6 weeks.
This will be in advance to the regular release through SRD (CI003 will be out in February/March and CI004 will be out in March/April).
All pre-orders will feature full artwork labels and sleeve.
The vinyl will be sent out the last week of February.

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ASC - Snowstorm / Tension - Gamma Ray 004
OUT NOW at all the usual places, like Redeye, Chemical etc.
Grab a copy before it's too late! Grin

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