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1994 Tune IDS??? Christ, its been nearly 10yrs....
If you think you know your 1994 tunes - try IDing the clips on the

I think I am hooked on Playing Old Records thread....

You lot are my last hope... Wink

Ta very much
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Hades Presents 10yrs of Metalheadz Rollers 95-05 link/tlist
next in the series of my old skool mixes is the first of what will probably be 2 or 3 metalheadz mixes.

i did decide to start the headz old skool series of mixes with something a little different.

its a tribute to headz for always having the balls to put out fantastic quality music on BOTH sides of their releases.
a majority of the tunes on this mix have tunes on the other side that are pure filth and typical of the "sound" that headz is known for.

anyways, enuff of my ramblings.


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