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Streetbeats 7
there's a promo copy of this @ http://www.classictrax.co.uk

but lee wants £9.99 for it + £1.75 vat + £0.33 credit card surcharge.
bollocks to that.

but it's down as donovan bad boy smith & roger johnson
please check with donovan and ask him what the tracks are called!

Wave Wave Wave
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magic vinyl all stars on phuturefreq.com 7 to 12 uk time
tonight on http://www.phuturefreq.com the mahic vinyl all stars will broadcast from 7 to 12 uk time..... from 5 to 7 uk time streetbeats are running their show! on the magic vinyl show we haave following line up!

7 to 9 smoking monkey
9 to 11 yen-cee (jungle set)
11 to 12 dj Q (usa)

join the chat for shouts!
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the Z-no All-Stars present

'Born in the USA' cover version
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magic vinyl all stars on phuturefreq.com 7 to 9 uk time
yo the mv show has ben cut down to 2 hours! so from now on we will braodcast each and every monday on http://www.phuturefreq.com from 7 to 9 uk time!

today im gonna play another set of unreleased bits and introduce 4 brand new tunes which like :

cytech fourstep

mv all stars play back
mv all stars untitled
mv all stars decide if its dark

i got new ice minus bits,burner bros, pish posh and evol intent !

get ready for another massive show!

tune in and join the chat:
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the streetbeats 7" thingymajig
whens it comin out and when can it be previewed?


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magic vinyl show 7 to 9!!!!
ill be rinsing on http://www.phuturefreq.com 7 to 9 uk time!

ill be playing new tunes from nuendo, gain recs, outbreak, drop bass, sic soundz, pish posh and many many more!

join the chat for shouts!

Slayer Slayer Slayer
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Bigger Than Watergate-How To Rig An Election In The US-7/8/3
In This Edition: Bigger Than Watergate! - How To Rig An Election In The United States - Fantasy vs Reality - How We Discovered The Backdoor - Evidence Of Motive - Evidence Of Opportunity - Evidence Of Method - Evidence Of Prior Conduct - Consistent Unexplained Circumstantial Evidence

The New Zealand Media blows the lid off of US vote fraud.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Publication of this story marks a watershed in American political history. It is offered freely for publication in full or part on any
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Spectraz.com news 24/7/03 (non-jungle related)
24/7/03 An Abstract Rude profile has been added in the Artist section. Thanks to Abstract Rude and Battleax Records. http://spectraz.com
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Spectraz.com news 28/7/03
28/7/03 A hedge013 review has been posted in the features section. The review has been written by Spectraz and edited by DVD.

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old Sonz disk — £2 with 7 hours to go
sonz of a loop da loop era - session one (riots in rayleigh) / session two inc. breaks theme pt.2 (dantronix in the house) (suburban base 033r)



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