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whos gonna be the lucky 100th user................

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Tune ID (almost positively a Juice tune)

Can someone please tell me what tune this is?? I put it on a mix in 1998 but cant find the feckin thing. It's doin me head in. Gracias

Mad Mad Mad
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Jeff Mills - I make mixing mistakes almost every night
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Nanoscale light tricks promise huge DVD storage (almost 1TB)

Nanoscale light tricks promise huge DVD storage
18:07 26 May 2005
NewScientist.com news service
Will Knight

The tantalising prospect of DVDs capable of holding almost a terabyte of data - or several hundred movies - has been presented in a patent issued to US storage company Iomega.

The US patent describes a disc that could store 40 to 100 times more information that a conventional DVD, using more nanometre-scale sloped
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Almost payday thread!
Fucking Icon_yippee

gonna do things properley this weekend.

Icon_yippee Icon_yippee Icon_yippee

one more nightshift then Icon265
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Robbed Blind...almost
feckin thievin gypsies! i put my bag behind the dj box coz me fella was rinsin tunes - went to get fags outta me bag and lo and behold my bag wasnt there. Crackin up coz my glasses were in my bag,.. but luckily i got my bag back..


My money and weed was rinsed along with my phone....so hopefully they fucked the sim away....apologies to anyone who gets a crank call but it is out of my control!!!
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i almost didn't post it!!!
...but i can't resist anymore Oops

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almost - cheese & crack - best miniramp skatin ever
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The Holodeck! (well, almost...)
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im almost done with my website but...
i never bothered to look at it in ie6 Baffled
does anyone still use that browser?
i think as long as the site is usable and doesn't look too awful, i'm not going to sweat it.

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