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bjork - bachelorette- grooverider mix...

buy it now for 8quid, i paid a fiver for mine, but my mate paid 20 for his copy. nice tune.....might be a bargain for someone
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New Bjork LP
Coming soon (late August maybe), to be called Medúlla

from http://www.bjork.com/

+ collaborators
. beats - Rahzel, Shlomo and Dokaka
. vocals - Björk, Mike Patton, Robert Wyatt, Gregory Purnhagen, Tagaq, Icelandic + London choirs
. songwriters - Björk, Sjón, Olivier Alary, Tagaq, Jórunn Vidar & Jakobína Sigurdardóttir, E.E. Cummings
. programming - Valgeir Sigursson, Mark Bell, Little Miss Specta, Matmos, Jake Davies, Olivier Alary, Björk

+ tracklist
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omg. bjork vs kelis - oceania alternate take-
kelis sounds like nina simone on this collaboration. SOOOOOOmuch better than the album version.
it's no bootleg either. her publicist confirmed that the duo recorded the track very recently, and it could'nt make the album in time, so they leaked it to the net. more info here:

breezeblock at 1 hour 41.
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She is just so good.

I think when we will finally look back at artists of our generation she will certainly be in there for being at the forefront of creativity and genuis.

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bjork 'army of me' remix contest. deadline jan17.
just heard about this. a friend of mine entered. anyone here enter anything?
[Image: http://www.bjork.com/db/images/armyofmxes.jpg]
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Bjork - "Isobel" (Goldie Remix)
Anyone know what this is like???

I love the original.
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Bjork - Telegram
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Imagine Bjork with a beard...
...and the outcome would be her son.

Well, he wrote a review about my performance at the Iceland Airwaves festival here in Reykjavik.

There was a big headline in the festival newspaper that said:

"MC Nonni is either insane, mentally disabled or really, really stupid, but it appeared he was going for a combination of all three."

MC Nonni is the name I use for this kind of electro / pop / rap thing btw.

Here's the whole review and below is the link to the recording of
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Just found this... Random! Hahaha

[Image: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v661/r...dyicon.gif]
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Bjork on Jools Holland
Icon_eek Oh My God!

That last tune she played took my head off

Applause Applause

Amazing Stuff!

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