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Bustle Beats - new Subtle Audio sub-label...
... she be kicking off very soon !

[Image: http://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-00000807894...pg?2123e0b]

The label will be similar to Subtle Audio in some respects (ie, there'll be plenty of breakbeats) but the tunes will be more obviously dancefloor orientated and (even) more overtly oldskool influenced than those on Subtle Audio.

This project is basically a way for me to indulge my love of all things oldskool Jungle while also creating another outlet for artists making breakbeat
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Subtle Audio / Bustle Beats :: 4 New Vinyls! NCQL/dgoHn/Equinox/Nebula/LXC/Senses
We at Subtle Audio are pleased to announce our first new vinyl releases of 2012 by a newcomer called NCQL and a Subtle Audio stalwart called dgoHn.

Not only that, we're also very excited to finally get a new sub-label project up and running - 'Bustle Beats'.
This project is a little late in getting off the ground, but we like to take care with everything we do when releasing music is concerned and (as you're about to see) we took the time to get the artwork exactly as we wanted it... hopefully
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BUSTLE BEATS Label Launch Night in Montreal! CODE/JASON OS/ESB/COREY K - April 5th
[Image: http://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-00001017695...pg?77cede1]

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you people know about a night that's happening here in Montreal to mark the launch of the new Subtle Audio offshoot - "Bustle Beats".
As you probably know already, this is going to be the harder-hitting / raw / oldskool influenced big brother to Subtle Audio.
The first 2 10" vinyl releases are due before the end of March and will feature Equinox / Nebula / LXC and Senses.

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[Organic] Bustle Beats
[Organic] Bustle Beats

DJ Code is a long time veteran of the modern day jungle scene... Edits, Choppage, amens, whatever you call it, this guy is always at the forefront both through his label Subtle Audio and his new imprint Bustle Beats...


True Urban Breakbeat Culture... Organic

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Organic - Bustle Beats thread closed ? Why's that then ?
Was just trying to post a reply there but noticed that there's a "Thread Closed" button instead of a "Post Reply" button ?

any reason ?
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Subvert get-together? Ireland, Saturday July 27th - Subtle Audio / Bustle Beats gig
... I just posted a long-ass post about all this but then clicked submit and, cos I wasn't logged in, lost everything - ARRRRRGGGGGH ...

So anyway, just gonna summarize ... probably better that way for you all anyway Lol


I've been living in Canada for the last 2 and a half years but I'm heading home to Ireland next week to see family, friends and all the rest of it Grin

Of course, while I'm there, I thought it would be nice to put on a night to mark arrival of several new
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Subtle Audio/Bustle Beats PRE-ORDER :: Nic TVG/Infest & Quasi/Nebula/Enjoy - Vinyl/CD
This has been such a long time coming, but with the Nic TVG 12s + CDs pressed and releases by Infest & Quasi and Nebula / Enjoy in progress (due for completion next week) it's finally time to take pre-orders for the latest batch of Subtle Audio / Bustle Beats treats !

For all audio and the different order options, just click here ---> http://www.subtleaudiorecordings.com/shop

Just to remind you
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Subtle Audio / Bustle Beats History Set on Radio Frontline :: ARCHIVE
Had good fun doing this Subtle Audio / Bustle Beats retrospective last weekend !
Props to Antidote for running such a top notch station - it's an honour to be involved.

In case anyone is interested, here's a link to the 2 hour set I played last weekend on Radio Frontline.

Tried to fit as many different artists and styles as possible from the releases on Subtle Audio, Subtle Audio Digital and the Bustle Beats sub-label, so for anyone not familiar with what we've been upto over the last 9 year

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