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card nite...........................tonite
whos up for it?

Strike Blue Bobule Unsane :ego:

sign up here


any one else?
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EMU RFX card
The case is I've been thinking of buying an output expansion option for my E5000 Ultra, but if I get the standard one, I won't be able to use it with the RFX card, which I do want to get someday....

Tell me about the RFX card.

Is it good?

Does it allow u to assign different amounts of effect(s) to samples within a preset? That's what would make a huge difference if compared to the standard EMU FX method.

Someone said RFX makes things a bit confusing....

Clear it all up to me, plea
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sound card recommendations thread
i will be purchasing a new sound card soon and i'd like people's input. im thinking that i can afford a card in the $500CAN/$400USD

id interested to hear even what people are working with themselves, and perhaps any limitations with the hardware you have noticed.
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US Crew: help F+N get an RFX-32 card for their E-Mu!!!
we are trying to get the RFX-32 card for our E-Mu 6400.

not sure that there is any left in the UK (plus they are like £500!!!), so...

what are the big studio retailers out there? any ideas where i should be looking?? what price are the going for over there?


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hi all.....

dont envisage this being used much just yet, but some parts may have uses.
ive put it in place so that as the forum grows with more and more users, we are ready to deal with trolls and problem users.

so without further ado.........

ive introduced an all new card system.

next to every post there should now be a selection of cards:

all users:

[Image: http://www.subvertcentral.com/forum/temp..._bcard.gif] blue - reports the po
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I just got my uad card
after 3 months of waiting for the dam thing its here from the usa i saved about £120 but i took ages,

All i can say is the pultec pro eq is Homerdrool

I still have not fully tested it all yet but the plugin quality is so good, beats the shit out of any other software plugs i have heard so far. :P
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graphics card for sale quadro-fx-1000
ok well i need to sell my gfx card to get a games one.

its a nvidia quadrofx-1000 which is the dogs bollox for 3d animation (maya , 3dstudio max etc) 128mb ram.

it will also run 2048x1600 <-- approx on dual screen at a decent refresh rate

it is really a 3d card rather than a games card , also very good for dual screen use with logic , cubase etc

i wanna get rid of it as the 3d work i do now is on a mac and i want a games card

it retails for £330 but i am selling for 150 if an
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Very nice development..use your GFX card to power VST FX
Those with UAD's willl likely know they started life as Graphics chips....

but check this http://bionicfx.com/

Soon you'll be able to use your GFX card to process VST plugs.

Typical modern Nvidia cards have 7-8 times the processing power of todays cutting edge CPU's when it comes to this kind of calculation.

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Spirit - Puzzle Box LP prt 2 - Calling Card.

Jaysus, thats a tune right there, love the aul breakdown.
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A lovely valentines card animation

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