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Everybody has to vote Ray now that the Messiah that is Jon Tickle can't win.

Cameron can not win this thing!!!

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Ten reasons the rugby world cup will be rubbish
from me fave footy website.

a potential crapper candidate, but let it have a short stay of execution hey? Smile

1) All the coverage is on ITV. Cue Jim "second worst sports anchor on TV behind Richard Keys" Rosenthal male-bonding with be-suited former rugby players/thugs in a "sports bunker in the heart of Sydney" when the sad reality is that it'll be broadcast from Rickmansworth. Ad breaks will be full of swelling music and various dull pension/insurance companies' support for the England r
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robot team takes out world cup soccer final 2050!
the aim of the robocup

"- By the year 2050,
develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots
that can win against the human world soccer champion team. -"

our uni's team managed to come 3rd at this years world robocup in the 4-legged division Smile

Four Legged Robot League

University of New South Wales, Australia
University of Pennsylvania. U.S.A.
University of Newcastle, Australia

next year the team is aiming to take out the bo
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FA Cup Draw 5th Round
Arsenal - Chelski already Icon_eek

Manure - Man City possibly as well

some huge games in prospect Icon_yippee
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Lawro's FA Cup Predictions........
Lawro's FA Cup Predictions Eek Wink . ...click link below


Fixtures as below:

Sat Feb 14 2004
FA Cup Fifth Round
Man Utd v Man City 12:30
Fulham v West Ham Utd 15:00
Millwall v Burnley 15:00
Tranmere v Swansea City 15:00
Sunderland v Birmingham 17:35

Sun Feb 15 2004
FA Cup Fifth Round
Arsenal v Chelsea 12:30
Sheff Utd v Colchester 14:00
Liverpool v Portsmout
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the reason the Calgary Flames will win Lord Stanley's Cup
For Strike and all the Trailer Park Boys fans out there!
Author: wizard - Replies: 22 - Views: 2264
FINLAND defeats USA in the World Cup of Hockey

the little guy wins Cool

sorry my fellow Americans Lol
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Anyone care to join me for a nice cup of rosie?
6pm, its about that time! better get em down your neck quickly cos its beer at 7:30!
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Well done Wolves first win for Hod.

Sheffield Utd beat Villa 3-1

best score of the day so far today

chelsea 0 - scunthorpe 1

come on scuny!!!!!!!!!!!
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FA Cup draw ....
In 10 mins, what's the betting it will be Man Utd Vs Arsenal ??

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