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Deadly Serious
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medical applications for deadly animals.
poison dart frogs are a one stop medicine shop.

"The poison of dart frogs is a subject of scientific research. First, there are several species of snakes in South America that eat these frogs and are not affected by it. Therefore, an arising question is how certain animals can be resistant to batrachotoxin. What is more, the strong poison makes it possible for scientists to investigate how nervous impulses are transmitted in animal organisms, and why not in the human ones. Scientists have di
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Deadly Records show on Phuturefreq right now!!
ez all

the first Deadly Records show is now on at http://www.phuturefreq.com

tune in and check it out Grin
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Deadly Records show live now on phuturefreq.com

not too bad

Im broadcasting from where we do the SB show so might as well promote it on here

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Deadly Records Show broadcasting from my house 6 til 8 2nite
ez now

what better way to aid my recovery from BeatJam than to have the Deadly Records show broadcast from my house! 6 til 8 tonight at http://www.phuturefrequency.com

a good way to kick off the weekend says I!!!

Craig its gonna be proper boh!
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I'm Deadly Serious-I've reached a 1000 posts!
Yeah for me.

It was hard work I tells ya.

I'd like to thank my mom,sisters,Girlfriend,my management,David Geffen,Quincy Jones,Sidney Poiter,James Cameron,Ridley Scott(Luv u guys)

& last but not least

I'd like to thank god & the whole subvert massive who made this all possible.

I'm overwhelmed,thank you.

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Deadly Chambers of Sound LP--hot or not?
I heard the Paradox track off this LP the other night and was thinking I might pick it up. I've only heard that one track, though. Anyone have any thoughts on this one? It seems like a no-brainer with that lineup of artists, but it's a big chunk of cash to plunk down for something I've never heard before. Any feedback much appreciated!
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Deadly Serious
And as if it isn't enough of a joke that I am a 'God Like Creature', Stacks is 'Deadly Serious' Hahaha

What a load of bollocks! Hahaha
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Sovereign Melody vs Deadly Ceremonies
Dillinja - Sovereign Melody/Deadly Ceremonies - Deadly Vinyl

For a while it was all about the smoothness and deep bass (especially the extended patterns before the breakdown and end) of Sovereign Melody.

However, the switch at the end of Deadly Ceremonies (when the 4 beat kicks drop out and that vocal comes in) has been getting some serious appreciation from me recently.

So, on career average, Sovereign Melody takes it out for me, but Deadly Ceremonies has been dominating recent play Smile
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top 5 all time deadly rhythm sections?
i got into a discussion with some friends last night about this. just curious as to what you subverts think. any genre of music. here are mine, in order of most deadly first.

1. james brown band (2 drummers, john "jabo" starks/don juan "tiger" martin. on bass william "bootsy" collins)
[Image: http://image.allmusic.com/00/amg/cov200/...5ml832.jpg]
i don't think it gets any dirtier or sicker than this combo. simply, on the next level of logic. the live at olympia, paris 1971

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