Author: Stelf - Replies: 32 - Views: 2162
I heard Dillinja - Lie or Die for the 1st time tonight and..
i liked it.

but i had had a smoke for the 1st time in ages, it's true what they say about the bifty and music. i don't think i coulda listened to it if i was straight.

Falcon Barneyb Sac Fatherblue Zeus :bear: Jig
Author: Croms - Replies: 42 - Views: 1650
Your favorite old dillinja track?
"You don't know" does it for me really, sorta rediscovered this one, phat amens on top of eerie bassline and vocals..

Think you can play this out in a subversive set..
Author: noisemonkey - Replies: 18 - Views: 2116
Dillinja in crazy beats tune shock
Check the beats on the b-side of this one... D-Type- Slapper/Breakbeats

Good to hear some new beats from the man for change...
Author: orson - Replies: 21 - Views: 1173
dillinja+bert - lion



ehats that 12" like ..... anything like the stuff on logic or metalheadz ..... ??????

any info appreciated
Author: noisemonkey - Replies: 4 - Views: 289
Dillinja's dubs
Went to see the Valve on friday and most of the tunes played were to be fair a load of well used pants (True Playaz DJ's cheesing it up) but heard So Vain dropped by Lemon D and it sounded like one of the most thunderous things I've ever heard. I was dancing away right next to the speakers and the subs in the second drop were blowing my hair around something chronic. Anyways Dillinja played this tune at the end of his set with the maddest beats I've heard in a long while and it got a hearty r
Author: karbonkid - Replies: 121 - Views: 11068
dillinja's view on breaks edits, from knowledge mag
Dillinja’s views on the edited breaks end of DnB.

Knowledge: We heard that you were taking an interest in the edited breaks end of DnB. Can you explain why and when this has regained your attention?

Dillinja: I’ve always loved that style of DnB. A lot of producers stopped making it because thew new crowds didn’t understand it. The crowds have become more educated over the past couple of years and now want something more intricate.

K: For the late 90’s and early 00’s there was
Author: tyranny - Replies: 6 - Views: 351
dillinja going on about his love of edit heavy choppage...

thats a turn up for the books isnt it?
Author: beckett - Replies: 4 - Views: 1120
dillinja is causing too many threads about dillinja
so he is

Author: soulbeatrunnerup - Replies: 124 - Views: 10502
all source direct gems kick the shit out of any dillinja
so true...
look at both their back cats
dillanja wouldnt stand a chance
long live the crane
and housaki
and web of sin
and just about eveything else
if anyone disagrees they really dont know in my opinion..
Author: DJFracture - Replies: 21 - Views: 922
Dillinja - Heavenly Bass
i just cant stop listening to this fucking tune!!!!

i loved this dillinja era, with them mash up amen edits. too fucking good.

fwaaaaa fwa fwa fwa fwa!

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