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anyone here use tc powercore/powercore firewire dsp cards
do ya? do ya?
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Grouping in kontakt - go on then dsp....
....show us some geekery Hahaha

Nah, I have never bothered with this, as you can make as many instruments as you like.

Example, break with loads of over hanging kick, I will load the sliced break into one instrument, then shift-select each kick hit and cut/paste them into another instrument. Then I can filter out the over hanging kick in kontakt but still route both instruments to the same out for the same treatment by the same plugins. I can also effect the kick and non-kick hits sepa
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Attn DSP
aim if you could sir Xyxthumbs

ben scope sc

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sorry mate, i was meant to give the zoom to neptune before i went away.... i'll have to bring it to the october technicality instead.

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i've finally got round to doing a mix, 160k mp3 (80mb)

its all over different years but there all tunes i feel are pretty good, theres all sorts of styles on here

the next mix will be a 1994 mix Smile

(the mixings not to great but u get the idea)


total science - split personality - timeless
lemon d - going gets tough - prototype
da intalex - i like it rmx - intalex records
dj ss - the smokers rhyt
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New dsp mix 1994 mix #1
1 hour @ 160kbps 80mb

Here is the next installment of the dsp badly mixed series its 1994 and
I have some ruff selection for you.

Please feel free to slate the mixing as i personally think the track list is Badness
and more than makes up for my skills as a dj

*edit new link*

cold fresh air - higher sense - Liftin spirits
All massive - DJ Seduction - Impact
watch out - DJ Buz - No u turn
a better place - tazmin and
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No vinyl yet but some bits if anyones interested

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Attn dsp
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Attn DSP (2)

Collaboration bizniz sun? Hit me on AIM Friday night or Sunday Wink

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