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my very first post
hello people.

just want to say respect for the other night, it was wicked... great turnout, great atmosphere, nice thursday night session, good to put names to faces as well.

now we have to talk about you coming down to play for us at some point boys.

btw check us out at http://www.funktion.org and join the forum. the site is a bit sketchy, its very much under construction but its all good


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the Z-no All-Stars present

'Born in the USA' cover version
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move it to the crapper if you must, but enter first.......
ooooooo laaaaa laaaaaaaa

now where are those gooners....

theyve gone all quiet....so unusual for them....

and what was the quotes from wenger and the rest early in the season - we will make it thru the entire season without losing a single game ???

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Grizzly Medical Update: First Day of New Treatment

[quote]well i had my first treatment of the clinical trial drug yesterday. it's supposed to have almost no side effects but i definitely felt a bit ill while they gave it to me and for the rest of the evening. it's not as bad as chemo so i guess that is positive. it's hard to explain how it felt, it was just.....weird. i had a tightness in my chest, an upset stomach, and a feeling i can only describe as being chemo
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first choppy like tune in a year...
lemme know how I can improve!

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i tried out soul seek for the first time....
while at my mates house.
as i dont have a pc , only in work

i can now understand why producers are getting very pissed off over soul seek

done a few searches on it and found , neo,outerspace(mistical),and all them new tunes by fresh.

question is how does fresh's tunes get on soulseek? i reckon he holds his stuff down pretty tight
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Hehehe I found my first professionally made mixtape!
I thought it was long gone but I found 2 copies. It's from around 98 I believe, possibly very early 99. I kind of do the dark anthem bashing on side A and then go experimental/breakcore on the b-side. Hell I even mix a polka track into Black Science Labs on that side. Hahaha Breaks purists will probably not like it. Sorry I do have a soft spot for well produced techstep. Here it is "Smog Machine version 1.2"

Smog Machine - Side A

Badmarsh & Shri - "130 Steps"
Infinite - "Beachball"
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hallucination first.
fucking spot on macc!!! will definatly drop this on saturday... maybe cargo too. it rocks
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first new dnb tune i've done in ages
...man, i've done another dnb tune finally, it must be that martian energy because it's been ages!

...i doubt if anyone would dig it, it is in the same really super ambient minimal style i've been doing all my other tunes in, and it is a dark sounding two-step thing that rolls at a slow tempo (164)...and i did it using a program i don't normally use but i'm starting to because of the sound and the way it works gives me something a little different than i'm used to... what do you think fro
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....And the first Subvert to be on my show is....

that's right! our fave oirish buckfast junglist will be getting his
take on the subversive beat aired as the guest mix on my monday
night broadcast next week.

cheers code!

if you cats are in the dark about this please refer to the original thread

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