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Full Metal Kenny....
Author: subvert - Replies: 9 - Views: 487
CIA says Bush full of it on risk from Iraq
Author: Blue - Replies: 14 - Views: 1039
The crapper is getting full.........
On behalf of Streetbeats i apologise for the immature and juevenil posts that we have been responsable for. We at Streetbeats understand that its not big and not clever to post a thousand useless posts every minute.

sorry subverts....

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"Ascension" New Full Length Album by Eskmo w/clips
[Image: http://thehelixnetwork.com/ascension_label_reg.jpg]

"ASCENSION" - the new full length album by ESKMO.- samples below

Featuring 12 brand new tunes:

1: Crystal Entrance
2: Mists of Ether
3: Viral 08
4: Peace (Floor Mix)
5: Forest Rhythm
6: New Pipes
7: Phobos
8: Slitherback
9: Wasp Nest
10: Lord of Life ('03 Remix)
11: Yin & Yang
12: Deep Waters

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soundforge 6.0 burning of full lp's
a mate of mine brought over his dawn of the dead lp by goblin for me
to transfer to cd for him as he no longer has a functioning turntable and
being the huge romero fan that he is he probably wants it for driving
around music Lol

anyways i recorded it to my hard drive and went in a marked where
all the tracks are. i've tried to burn it and it does not play. have i missed
something in the regions and this is causing the bad burn? i usually
record full sets w/o marks so i have not u
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Making music (full-time or not)
I know I said once that I wouldn't like to be a person who makes music for one's living cuz I think I couldn't hack the pressure on uninnovative days / times, but still, dang, it would be cool to make music 24/7 (well, theoretically speaking Smile ).....

.....cuz the last week has been shitty with regard to making music. I hate it that I make some music, then I have to go to a lecture, then come home, make some more music for an hour, then write an essay, then read some Shakespeare, then make m
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Anyone like Acid? hope so, I'l do a full mix if so,

Track Listing

Joe Smooth - Promised Land
Raze - Break 4 Love
33 1/3 Queen - Searchin'
Phuture - Acid Tracks
Liddell Townsell - As Acid Turns
Frankie Knuckles - Tears
Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm [Remix]
The Final Word - Dance 2 The Music
Frank De Wulf - Foreign Trips ? ? ? (from b-side volume III)
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Alphamagic Full Releases & Promo's this week >>&gt

GRID024 - Cannibal Lunch EP - Twisted Individual
GAIN017 - Greg Packer - Lonely Nights / Mind Reader
SIGNAL006 - MIdiman - Drop the Bass (Original & Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
G2013 - Resonant Evil - Slingshot / Lost In Space
LEET006 - Resound / Phono - My Heart / The Stitch
MV010 - Burner Bros / Imagination D - Road Kill / Electroc
OUBLTD019 - Skitty - DNA / Taboo


MVEP001 - Global Killers EP - (feat Res Evil "Sleepless Remix")
LOCUTS001 - Fanu - Auror
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how are the full release pressings of lo:cuts 1?
the guy in the store told me that all his full release copies of fanu - aurora / shackdown had these bubbles in the vinyl that would make them pop (but not skip). anybody else have problems with the record?
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Does full colour artwork make a difference on a record?
Does full colour artwork make a difference on a record?

if you see a record with nice full colour artwork on the sleeve, instead of a bland white discobag, or maybe a whitebag with a sticker on it....
are you more easily enticed to check that release out than the other one?

what would the difference be, to you as the consumer?

interested in this, as there is a huge costwise difference in manufacturing either whitelabels or full colour artwork releases ofcourse...and wondering if in any

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