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So streetbeats crew, how did you start your label?
So I've been trying to start my own label Significant Audio. I have one release on it Grizzly - "I Am the Top Shooter/Mission: Reconstruction" which came out February/March 2002. I got US distros to take 250 but unfortunately they sent 70 back. Icon_cry I guess that's not too bad from a relative unknown. I sold a bunch on my own just going into stores which was nice especially in San Francisco. Peeps were really cool up there. Here in LA they basically ignored me. Hmmmph. Anyhow it's not like this
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Bingo Rec: Award for most inconsistent label?
i mean, clipz rmx of jenna g one day, other amit.
one day chase and status other ill logic and raf

really can't understand this label. not that it's a bad thing, i always check the releases from them because 30% of the releases are Falcon
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anyone liking Klute's techno label?
Suicide Commercial

the first two releases have been pretty good:

001 Fuck Your Minimal EP
002 Only Memory is a Good One / Property is Theft

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Most surprising, favorite new label?
Jesus, Digital Soundboy sort of came out of no where in the last year or so. I nabbed the first breakage release and I've been impressed ever since. I love the ethos behind the label too: not JUST d'n'b...

probably my current favorite label besides SC OF COURSE!

What impresses me most about the label is that producers that I usually don't get too into are putting out some great music here. Calibre for instance I can take or leave but his release on DS is tops...

old news I'm sure
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what happened to exegene net label?
tried to check it out but the domain has been put up for sale? anyone got any info? and can i still d/l some exegene stuff from anywhere??
Author: Seek - Replies: 5 - Views: 443
Whatever happened to this artist/label?
There are a couple of artists and labels that come to mind.

Infamy, 0=0 (Although I herd there is a new album coming out?), DJ Future.

labels- 4th Dimension and Rhythm Seeker.

Does anybody know what is happening about any of these?

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