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Run your life .............
If you haven't read the info on the link below it is vital reading ......... especially if you plan to be a commanding officer in a big battle.

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"Lord of Life" by eskmo (remix-track clip)
[Image: http://www.awakeproductions.com/images-n...ork/1h.jpg]
"Lord of Life" ('03 remix)
feedback always appreciated.
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Life .............
Does Life get less complicated when you get older ??

Please answer my simple question elders ......... Cool
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My Life is........
One big fucking hangover.

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Calculate your life expectancy

Apparently I am going to live for 95.8 years. I don't think that I want to love as long as that...
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My life is shit, I'm depressed and screwed
Just gotta share this with you guys.....this is like a sick joke.

Lately, I've been suffering of a very very bad luck.

I started applying jobs in early Feb so that I would get one for the summer months. U know I am a student and I live on a loan plus a study aid I get from the government, so getting a summer job is a total necessity for me, since it happens every year that when the studies end and the summer holiday begins, I'm out of money.
I began to worry in April when I still hadn't
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Life cant be all THAT bad
.........when you receive a package from el postie containing the 2003/2004 LFC away shirt, and its been bought for you by your woman !

reet boh I tell thee !
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the good life
[Image: http://www.freezone.co.uk/tvgold/images/goodlife.jpg]

NEIL'S MUM: You must be talking nonsense! I don't watch that ghastly program!
NEIL'S DAD: I'm sorry, my dear. It was my mistake. I meant The Good Life.

NEIL'S MUM: Oh, yes. That's the one.

[The cartoon and theme music for The Good Life appear, but Vyvyan tears it down.]

VYVYAN: NO!! No! We're not watching the bloody Good Life!! Bloody bloody bloody!! I hate it!! It's so bloody nice! Felicity 'Treacle' Kendall and Rich
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Man gets life in prison for spitting
Man gets life in prison for spitting

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) -- An Oklahoma man arrested on suspicion of beating his wife faced year in prison and a fine. But when he spit in an arresting officer's face, he got a life sentence instead, officials said Wednesday.

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Sexist bug enjoys free ride through life

Icon_eek "He can ride the female, feeding and mating for up to a week,"

Sexist bug that enjoys a free ride through life
By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
(Filed: 24/07/2003)

Men who pine for the pre-feminist days of fawning women have found a new role model: the tiny Zeus bug.

Nature usually dictates that the male courts the female and risks life and limb to pass on his genes to

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