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photek - the water margin
jus picked up for €4 \o/ Icon_yippee
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Photek - The Water Margin (D-Bridge Remix)
just kidding!


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Muttley - The Psychoanalysts' Margin (Psychology & Psychotherapy)
Muttley – The Psychoanalysts' Margin

This essay will discuss what I have deemed, on basis of behavioural attitude evidence, "The Psychoanalysts' Margin". My areas of concern are: the 'orientation-association area' of the brain; its contradistinctions with 'psychosis' and 'psychotherapy'; and the positive intrapathicities available from any outcomes.

It was alerted to me by Dr. Andrew Newberg (Phd) and his excellent "God And The Brain" discussion programs for [url]www.soundstrue.c

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