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Are the Numark CD mixers any good?
Cos they're nice and cheap, just need to know if the cueing system is nice and easy and it's easy to do little adjustments to the pitch.

[Image: http://www.numark.com/images/products/la..._large.jpg]
Author: alley cat - Replies: 3 - Views: 1043
DENON CD mixers for sale dns5000s

a well established artist is looking to sell some gear.

he has
2 denon dns5000's
flightcased as well

hit me up if you are interested i can get you in touch
with him Grin
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Mixers died ! Any ideas only 14 months old?

My Spirit E12 mixer is just totally dead, one day fine, not the next, ive checked the fuse and the kettle leads and the extension all fine its just totally dead.

Any ideas ? Its 2 months out of warranty now so i dont mind opening it up but no idea what to look for and would rather try to fix it than send it back.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance

Author: Senator Adam - Replies: 6 - Views: 875
Ecler mixers
Anyone had any experience with these mixers? They look nice. The nuo4 looks awesome (I like the midi with it) Smile


So sweet, I want one. With Ableton, SSL, and this, I will be complete. Twisted
Author: dak - Replies: 47 - Views: 4954
In this thread we discuss analog synths, mixers, fx etc
this baby just came to me today:

[Image: http://www.technosaurus.ch/images/microcon2.jpg]

just a simple monophonic analogue synth... but ahh it sounds sooooooo good!

definitely not something my virus c could compete with soundwise

im thinking of buying only analog gear from this on, only the choicest equipment. im bored with all the 'virtual' analog stuff that's packed with features but always disappoints in the end because of the shortcomings of the sound

i'd also like a techn
Author: Sir Loris of Crowthorne - Replies: 17 - Views: 1979
Budget / secondhand DJ mixers
Got less than £150 to spend - what do I go for?
Author: Paradigm X - Replies: 7 - Views: 1225
Small mixers ?
my mixers died a death, psu blown.

will actually cost around £75 to get a new one Roll

i can actually buy a cheap tapco 4in mixer for £40., with phantom and a xlr input.

i dont do any actual mixing on the thing, its actually just a glorified volume control to easily adjust levels on my powered speakers (no amp)

i only want 2 line ins and line outs basically, a phantom xlr would be nice, but it will prob be shite, so it may be worth buying a proper preamp. i only use the mic every
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RANE TTM56 vs TTM57SL mixers - anybody used both?
I'm thinking of finally getting a new mixer. I was wondering if anyone had used both the Rane TTM56 and TTM57SL and knew how they compared - are they EXACTLY the same mixer just +/- the Serato integration? same parts etc?

I'm thinking of getting one or the other... already have Serato external, so I Was thinking of just getting the Rane TTM56, but I noticed that the integrated serato mixer has controls on-board for manipulating crates, allows use of a footswitch etc. Plus someone is sellin
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Mackie Mixers.
I just purchased a mackie 16.8 mixer. I needed a mixer for my studio and pa (it's rather large for PA but it's fine for me to use for a few gigs in Toronto) with 2 sweepable mids and a lot of sends..so i got this one.

I don't have much experience with hardware mixers but i know some people swear by mackie...especially in dnb (fracture, dom and roland etc)

Just wanted to know what people thought about mackies. What has your experience been? What are they good at and what are they bad at?
Author: adist - Replies: 3 - Views: 959
I'm selling 2 mixers on ebay
1 x Numark 5000fx
1 x Behringer DJX700

Both are in good condition, boxed etc.



Also, if anyone wants to sell me an Allen & Heath Xone62 then let me know Wink

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