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Perfect day in a time of madness....
Sun is out, hat is on. Drinking beer and brandy eating german sausages whilst reading "Women" by Bukowski and following on, all the Sb drinking boys are over in a few hours.Well a few of them anyway.

Single life massive say aye!
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perfect combination
i got all of this for US 30 Slayer

mostly got it for perfect combination , are ther good tunes ? is it worht the buy?

Cause 4 Concern - High Down/Strange Nature - Timeless
Brockie & Ed Solo - Voices/Lost Bass - Undiluted
Perfect Combination - Escape/Phuture/Breakdown - Global Thang
DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura (remix)/Strength
Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith - Distortion in Sound EP - Technique
Razor - Keep Your Distance/Resistance - Defunked
DJ SS/DJ Rap & G-Squad - Static/Frequency
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I think I've found CL's perfect woman!!!
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Scientists create 'perfect' toast

To produce the patches of butter most people said they preferred, the bread needs to be heated to at least 120°C, and the butter should be used straight from the fridge, applied unevenly within two minutes of the bread coming out of the toaster. The amount of butter should be about one-seventeenth the thickness of the bread.

Icon_yippee Scoff Hahaha
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The Perfect Mix??
Taken from a topic over at the BBS Board...

What do you reckon makes the perfect mix? Im talking qualities and attributes, not your all time favorite mix. Give an example too....

heres mine:

for me a perfect mix has to of course have flawless mixing and selection

but other that that:

a good intro
track 2 kicks it up a notch
track 3 has to take it somewhere - provide "narrative"
tracks 4-7 have to develop this story - and throw in a headbangin class selection in there somew
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the perfect tee for english soccer freaks
saw this on a german forum. :mutley:
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Owen dropped, Heskey and Rooney to form perfect partnership.
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Perfect Combination....
Just listening to a wee cd of some of his new stuff at the moment.....its wicked....

specially a track called "Voices".....lovely beats on it, real nice shuffliness to em and a tasty big reece bassline....

dark & rolling.....
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Your guide to a perfect date!
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Practice makes perfect.

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