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Compound One 002 - The Phonecall / Look Shook
After the success of our first release, we bring you 002.

Just got the TPs back and they're sounding decent! Just designing labels then we're going to press, so release shouldnt be that far. I'm not sure whether to go with "Phonecall" or "The Phonecall"?

Anyway, audio for both tracks are up http://www.myspace.com/compoundoneuk
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Sound engineer for the Annexe ( didn't know there was one Hahaha ) is going tomorrow and will be DOUBLING the bass, putting brackets for the CDJ above the decks Jig and putting in a whole bunch of speakers to increase the sound of the club in general... I can't tell you how happy that makes me.. Hyper
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Compound One 002 - The Phonecall / Look Shook.. in BM Soho!!
Yes, finally. I know a lot of you have been waiting and it's here. I gave a box to BM Soho on friday so they should be selling them right now!! I've looked on the site and they haven't put it on yet, so it looks like it's London crew only for now. I'll contact them now to see if / when they're putting it on the site. Otherwise, S.T. holdings will have it next week or so and then i guess they'll send it out the week after that... in all it's Air Max Infrared glory! (took me ages to find the right
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Ever had a phonecall like this?
Ring Ring...

Me: Hello
Him: Hello Is that mr Davies
Me: Yes
Him: Im phoning because your computer has been slow for the last two days.
Me: Has it?
Him: Yes you might not have noticed, but Microsoft asked me to call you.
Me: Are you from Microsoft then??
Him: No but im phoning because thy ask me too
Me: Ha Ha
Him: Is your computer on?
Me: Yes
Him: What on your screen?
Me: Thats none of your business. Theres nothing wrong with my computer, Thanks.
Him: Are you a Technician????
Me: Excuse me? No

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