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Martha Cooper - The Hip Hop Files: Photographs 1979 - 1984
OMG! what a fucking book. it's made me both laugh and cry on one page! everyone needs this book, even if you aint particularly into hip hop.

this book reconfirms my belief that i sould of been born in the bronx in the 1960s


get it!!!!!!!
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Photographs from Geneva's Ice Storm - Amazing Pictures!
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Man photographs everything he ate for a year!


[quote]By ALEX PEAKE
WACKY Chris Gillett is the toast of the art world — after snapping everything he ate for a year.

The dad of two, 48, took a digital photo of every breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack he munched in 2005.

He amassed 2,550 images — of everything from alphabet soup to zucchinis — and put them in a 16ft collage, titled 2005, at his local gallery in Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts.

Opera singer C
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25 Worst photographs.
Okay, I'm sure there are many many photos worse than these, but it's worth posting this link solely for the 'Worst fancy dress costume' and the 'Worst Santa Claus'


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Post Tsunami Japan | Photographs & Interview
[Image: http://assets.vice.com/content-images/ar...1f098b.jpg]

Interesting photos... sort of melancholy. The dogs look happy, radioactive freedom is still freedom I suppose.

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