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for anyone out there who listens to a little more >>>

i am organising a new style of event in sunny Reading >>

the event will focus on psy trance and techno. But, equal importance will be placed on the visuals and decor! >
We will bring in dj's mainly from London and Reading to supply the sounds, and also 4 vj's from all ove the country.
The clubs walls will be covered in visuals, so when you are on the dance floor there will be 360 degree visuals (all this will be mixed live!!)

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Genome project done two years early......
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goku's recent project...
heres an assignment i was working on.. to create a FEA model and design a solar car chassis.

its made from various degrees of thikness aluminium tube with some box sections as well. the front leaf springs are spring steal and the rear section is cushioned by a simple spring shock absorber. The chassis is modelled with a fixed point of no movement (allows rotation) at the point of the front axel (at the leaf springs) and a modelled roller restraint (allows rotation and movement in X direction
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Opinions subverts - New Hip Hop project.......
this is a rough mix of a tune i wrote last night feat mr louie g Louieg

its really rough, the vox were just recorded in the studio room etc, just to get a feel...

would be good to have some feedback

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bel air project appreciation thread
nothing like a little dark jazzor and black coffee in the morning. Tea
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conspiracy project - Terminate the Definition

second teaser
it's not gonna be easy...


temp web: (Two clips available, guestbook, future update: profiles, full ep demo,... Twisted )
_alkaine soul

direct link:
conspiracy project - Terminate the Definition
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need a TIGHT funk band to record for a university project...
anyone help?? London based, available for daytime sessions.

its for a portfolio for uni... im thinking of doing a 3 track EP showing the progression from funk to hip hop to D+B.

just need one funk track, a la the meters, JBs, carleen and the groovers.... etc

i cant pay, but i can offer free studio time in a nice studio and hopefully a well recorded 1 track demo!!?? if we have time, we can fit as many tracks in as possible.

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Donate to the Macc work/music project
Calling all peeps!

Do you have any shaker/tambourine/cymbal/percussion of any kind samples you could send me? I am making tunes at work, but can't bring all my samples in, so all donations are gratefully received......

Not too big please, cos of work Roll , but please send them to rmaccioc at imo dot org

Thank you!
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Secret Service Investigates Teen's Art Project
PROSSER, Wash. -- One drawing showed President Bush's head on a stick. Another depicted Bush as a devil launching a missile.

The drawings by a 15-year-old boy in Prosser, Washington, were enough to prompt some questions from the Secret Service.

Agents questioned the teen after being called by police. The boy's art teacher told school officials about the drawings, and they called police.

The boy was not arrested but the school district has taken disciplinary action.

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Wasn't Subject 13 project active again?
I sure read that in tha intaweb!

Really love their sound! *Reservoir Dogs* Lovesmilie

any info on this one?

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