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RetroCade synth - kick starter project
Looks really intriguing and not exactly a lot of money to get the full piece of kit.

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RetroSceptic Project

The RetroSceptic Project has been set up with the aim of releasing Retro-style tracks focused on the London Underground Hardcore Jungle sound of 1991 to 1994. The idea behind the project is simply that of a desire to release good old-fashioned sounding hardcore/Jungle music without prejudice.

The first offering
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Project Thirty-Three (record cover design)
Stumbled upon this looking for more information on a particular designer:

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Solar - Project 'A'
Seems an age since 'North to Future' and 'Exploration' on Outsider, but hopefully the quality of the music is appreciated more than the process of churning out sub-standard material.

'Project A' is taken from the forthcoming 'Project A EP' due to be released soon on 'Sense Sound', my new label. Anyone who has heard the stuff I released on Paradox's label will have an idea of what to expect, for anyone who hasn't have a listen for yourself!

Project A is one I had real fun making. It's pretty no
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Kickstarter project: Futurepast zine Issue 6

As a few you of you know, Futurepast zine has been going from strength to strength over the past couple of years. And the feedback from a lot of people, especially from subverts has been wicked. So I decided to try and do something to help Futurepast push it's boundaries a little - I've started up a Kickstarter project for Issue 6.

You can check it out here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1346...ne-issue-6

There's some nice rewards available there f
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Multiple Mono (Minus12 / Ricochet) – Galerie Project live | 10 Nov
Live broadcast 10 Nov 2013 @ 8pm EST (1am Sun night GMT)

Multiple Mono live (Minus12 | Little Helpers | Ricochet Records)

Hot broken minimal electronica from our boys out in New York, not to be missed

Stream here: galerieproject.com/live

[Image: http://www.galerieproject.com/wp-content...20x220.jpg]
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FBD Project Official Represses of The Core/Terminate
Classic Late '92/early '93 dark business.....


Although, already sold out. This 250 limited pressed biz is getting a bit :I
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[Various] Agents Of Disruption project from Future Past zine - check this out

This Kickstarter runs for a month at present and FPZ are looking to raise enough to get orders out for a project that encompasses art, music, a comic, vinyl, CDs and mixed media paths between the sources. If you know Future Past you'll know they have released some great small mags (Nubian Mindz, DJ Trax, Modern Urban Jazz, DAAT et al) and CDs through Bandcamp in the past, and all the work goes back
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28th July, 'Feature 5' EP on the Altered Echo Project Netlabel
[Image: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418...ature5.gif]

Yeh, so I actually finished something and it gets released on 28th July.


Altered Echo works like this: Contributors make something new out of previous releases, or at least elements of previous releases. When a contributor makes a release, they in turn make samples available from the work they are releasing.

There's a 400MB goody-bag of 32bit/96K samples coming with this release, in
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7th Storey Project - Dark Arts Vol2 EP
this is a goodie for the oldschool/darkness heads:

7th Storey bring a fine slice of Darkness limited edition - 4 tracker, one is from Dev/Null who used to post here a lot in the past (but has left all interwebs channels except his own oldschool blog as it appears)

CLips and all here:


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