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New Electronica Project-Your help needed.
I've just started work on a new lp which is based more in electronica than d&b but still has d&b elements within it (what do I do that doesn't?)

It's gonna be embracing everything I hold dear from the past 3 decades of synthesized music from Tangerine Dream to Caberet Voltaire to Miles Davis/Herbie Hancock,Sun Ra to The Orb & Orbital to Vince Clarke to Bjork to King Tubby & so on & so forth.....

Rambling blurbs aside....

My problem is once it's finished what labels are out there who put
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Conspiracy Project feat M.T.NesZ - Panik

did a tune together with a friend of mine, of course we would like to hear some comments

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Q-Project - Nation 2 Nation ... Remind u of Legacy?
Total Science can cover a lot of different sounds but Nation 2 Nation is the best thing i've heard in a minute from those guys (well q anyway). Reminds me of those 'legacy' tracks that came out a couple years ago...

anyone a fan of 'global spin' ? thats my joint...!

how many tracks got put out as funky technicians?

thanks for the nfo...peace.
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Alaska and Nucleus - Project Two
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Project Orion
Did anyone see the programme about this on BBC4 last night?

Had Freeman Dyson and others talking about their work on a secret 'put-put' space craft designed to fly to Mars and beyond, in the late 1950s/early 60s.

It would use thousands of small atomic bombs fired out of the back of the ship, with a 'pusher-plate' attached at the base of the craft, the idea being plasma from the explosions would impact on the plate and propel the craft. . Fascinating, and theoretically sound, apparantly.
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Q-Project - Spectrum City [Creative Source]
Fucking hell, this one's bad! Bought it second hand about a year ago and never really listened to it, pulled it out tonight while I was doing a mix and my god, it's a seriously bad tune! Deep and rolling with loads going on and some fat fat fat fat fat bassline bizness!! Lovesmilie

I'm uploading the mix I did with it in now, so you can all experience the badness first hand, all I can say is 'watch the bassbins I'm tellin' ya!'

Anyway, carry on......
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Another Good Brazilian D&B Project LISTEN!
They are named Autoload...

Erico Theobaldo, Kuru and MC Gaspar

They are not producing anymore...too bad they were doing very very nice fresh tunes in 2000.

There's a CD but I could only find 2 tunes for D/L (authorized)...

Le Noveau Millenaire (My Favorite)

Mameluco Urbano

The lyrics on Mameluco Urbano are very good...one particular part:
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q project & spinback - mars....
and pleasure principle on timeless..... Drums just pulled this from outa me wardrobe 2day.... . i'm a happier man 4 it... Icon_yippee
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invalid cubase project
is there anybody who has positive expirience in reviving invalid cubase projects?
mum says superboys don't cry, but that track was so peachy... must be the finest thing i've ever made. and now its gone. Icon_sad
ive found a lot of info at cubase.net but it doesn't change anything...
so i thought you guys may have a cure. Icon_sad Baffled
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intense - genesis project.....
is that a kate bush sample from wow.... ? ? ?

my first time turning over the record in about 2 years.. i 4got there was another side... Drums Icon_yippee Drums

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