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30 Days Project
The '30 days' Project put together by Peppermill Records is now finished and ready to go, complete with art work and the like Icon_yippee


1. KKFS - "First Day, Some Lake"
2. KiloWatts - "Glob Story"
3. Ruairi Lazers - "Blown Subs"
4. Rochie "The White Grass Bending"
5. Bogsnarth - "Acid Casualty"
6. Spark - "The World Has Spoken and Blowing Things Up Is Good"
7. dgoHn - "Roasted"
8. Darren McClure - "Dec_19"
9. Aligning Minds - "sEkrAt"
10. Cube - "Rampant Zoo Sex Or
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"Twelve Shiva's Dancing Project"
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Free Sound Project

all sounds under the creative commons license..

haven't checked the quality yet, but it seems deep enough to wade through a couple of days...
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Octomatics-project is about a new number system
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rebel mc/ conquering lion/ x project MASS APPRECIATION
jesus Icon_eek i never knew these were all the same guy


between these alias' are some of my favourite tunes ever, absolute classics

so to summarise.....: Wtf
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Pieter K's new project
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qµ:rec - project 1
Was playing around with Ableton in order to figure out how to make actualy music with this program and this track is the result...dunno if I'm going to work on this one...

So, what do you think about it?

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beckett - project 2 - into deep
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Wooster on Spring project.
"There is too much to say about all the action at the Wooster on Spring project that took place last weekend, but there is terrific coverage of all the street and graffiti art at the Wooster Collective and the accompanying 3000+ shots at flickr."

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* The UnreAL Project EP *
Hi i m an Argentinian drum and bass producer ...
i like you to listen my music and download my first EP

The UnreAL Project - Cool Drum And Bass :


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