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Sine Star Project
You know when you truly believe in something that you struggle to wonder how it has never really materialised, or is the world ready for it etc etc.

I think all of us on this board know either an artist/producer or a group of people who we could say - they are destined for big things, how or why hasn't it happened yet.

And this, is mine.

These chaps are good friends of mine from Southampton who are signed to One Little Indian. Their music got under my skin from the first time I heard it
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peppermill's new project : 52 short weeks.
its gonna be a monster.

check it


stuff there already from the bran flakes, jason forrest, satanicpornocultshop, and daedelus.
tune from food for animals should be up shortly. as well one from the brain behind peppermill, sawe.

followed by me, with a tune that will be featuring a very very very special guest vocalist, one of my main influences too.

and i think (not sure if its confirmed) some stuff coming from busdriver, dalek, monk & ca
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Ill Kid hip hop (or what) project myspace shit
Author: DJ ML - Replies: 2 - Views: 463
Nucleus & Alaska-Project 2 / Persistance of vision :For Sale

I have a spare copy of the below for sale:

Nucleus & Alaska - Project 2 / Persistance of vision - Nexus 004

Vinyl is in good conditon (slightly worn).

Cost will be £8 plus p&p , will post worldwide, paypal only please

please pm if interested........
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WANTED UAD Project Pak
yeeaaaaah man too tempted

i need it.....

if you know anyone selling a UAD Project Pak get in touch Grin
Author: thush-ara - Replies: 11 - Views: 1388
Just won Mackie UAD Project Pak..ebay stylee

yeh mang, from USA...lets hope it gets here..didn't cost near retail price so chuffed

now all i have to do is do my fakin exams at the end of this month and enjoy the purchase Grin
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**** Tango - Tango Project - F Project 004 ****
Just thought i'd let you know i've put this up on ebay!


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The Throttler & Lowbss Project
ok..theres some news..

"combined influences mixed with contradicted tastes... throttler has released music at record labels like killing sheep records, nasdia records, intellectual violence recordings, iso-tank records and more.
lowbss has signed her vocals at vibez/13music and together they are a most potential and creative combination.
mostly moving on lower tempo than usual, adding more music and experimenting on sound and singing, the tunes are difficult to categorize and vary
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[Image: http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u146/...ck2you.jpg]
Hi everybody,
as someone of you know,
the competition hosted by Reinforced Big Brother NEBULA II
on remixing the anthem Seance/Atheama
is now open for your vote!
So if you want to give the old rude boy Enjoy a hand...
please follow the links below and VOTE!
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fbd project represses

If i was to re press some vinyl what would you like to see from the FBD/ Neil Trix stable of releases?????

I have been asked to repress some bits but im not sure what the demand would be like....help me out here

i also have some unreleased bits like the Gestures without motion remix i did that never came to light, a new AMEN version..... and a little neil trix/skanna release that only did 500 copies. and some prganic synthetic stuff as well.

Tell me what you think.


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