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Harmonic 33 - Music for Television and Radio [Warp]
been listening to the clips of this (at the recommendation of phokus) on the warp site and it's fucking nice! kind of retro-futuristic john barry-esque ambient niceness from mark pritchard (who used to do stuff with danny breaks as use of weapons) and dave brinkworth. i really really like it, and shall be purchasing it as soon as i get paid. was thinking about buying the mp3 from bleep, but i really want the artwork!

heartily recommended! Xyxthumbs
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Television - Marquee Moon
it really is... Lovesmilie Xyxthumbs Applause Lovesmilie Xyxthumbs Applause
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Rock Television is rotting my brain.
Unsane told me so.

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Fucking great television: "Breaking Bad"
I'd like to inform you lot of a great new series being broadcast on american television. It's called 'Breaking Bad', it's about an overqualified high school chemistry teacher with a whole lot of problems and a huge mid-life crisis, who decides to turn to crime to provide for his family.

It's created by Vince Gilligan, whom you might know because he was one of the masterminds behind 'The X-Files'. 'Breaking Bad' however is something else entirely.

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[Television Show] Hilarious House of Frightenstein - 1971
As shared elsewhere, this obscure Canadian children's early morning television show was a constant in my earliest days into the 80's - munching a bowl of cereal with more sugar than milk, gawking at the tv screen. 

My brother & I still talk about this tv show today. It left THAT much of an impression. As it would. I like that you can find full episodes & clips now on youtube.  Smile

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein - 1971 


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