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Can they come good on this? The UK's Energy White Paper
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Anyone want to go to this?
it's Friday 9th May and, here's
the full proposition:

Unkle (decks'n'FX)
Scratch Perverts
J-Walk (live)
Ali B

ROOM 2 (Prototype Records)
Andy C
Ed Rush
Twisted Individual
L Double
MCs: Flux, Rage & Foxy

ROOM 3 (Scratch vs. Badmeaningood)
Scratch Perverts
DJ Biznizz
Richy Pitch
Rob Mac
Matt Smooth
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What do you think of this? And where might it be heading?
Huge Homeland Security Drill Planned
'Dirty Bomb' in Seattle, Disease in Chicago Part of Scenario for May 12 Exercise

By Edward Walsh and John Mintz
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, May 5, 2003; Page A09

This is the scenario: At noon in Seattle, a hidden bomb explodes south of the central business district, causing more than 100 casualties. Significant levels of radiation are detected near the site of the explosion and it soon becomes apparent to local officials that this was
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how would you do this?
so i had some really great shit fall into my lap. i got offered my own nite (a saturday nite no less) to make my own-i would be taking over from a very popular techno nite and turning it into a hopefully popular drum & bass nite. i have designs to eventually feature some of the people on this board who i respect when this gets of the ground, so there is a vision.

needless, i went in asking for a gig and they gave me a whole nite. i've never done this before so this is somewhat new and pretty
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So I just looked up Streetbeats on Discogs.com and got this?
SB 5.005 Quadrophonia - "Quadrophonia" (12")

Nothing against Quadrophonia, they were one of the OG outfits that got me brocking to dance stuff...

...but it obviously not THE Streetbeats I was thinking of!

Speaking of which, I have an old white labelled SB001 which is a breakbeat-harcore/proto-jungle type tune...

...would this be from THIS Streetbeats stable or another label all together?!? It sounds 93-94 era?!?

When did Streetbeats first start up? I thought it was around 9
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What do you reckon to this?

(Sorry if its already been posted)
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So which subvert is responsible for this?

given the air drumming reference in his profile it has to be someone on here or someone who should be on here...
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can anyone help me with this?

estimate a value of some old reinforced plates...
statto maybe?


thanks for anyone's time already :d

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UK heads!!! has anybody tried this?
<--------what's in my avatar that is Baffled

don't wanna be representing something that
tastes like caac Twisted
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whats this? the year of the favourits???
everyone is feeling luvdup.......

dont worry i will excrete this post into the crapper in due course.

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