Author: esb - Replies: 3 - Views: 429
fanu, can you understand this?

meant to ask you about this when i first got the cd of it about a month back
Author: UFO_over_easy - Replies: 14 - Views: 1276
Would anyone be interested in this?
I've only been learning to mix for a few months now, but I recorded something yesterday which I'd really like some feedback on. Obviously the mixing isn't great - there's one particular mix which goes a bit haywire - but the tunes are good, and I think it's structurally solid. Here's the tracklist.

1) Use of Weapons – Stan’s Plan (Droppin’ Science)
2) Photek – Rings Around Saturn (Photek)
*bit of a fuck up*
3) Source Direct – A Made Up Sound (Metalheadz)
4) Deep Blue –
Author: evergreen - Replies: 11 - Views: 757
DJs: how do you do this?
when you want to cut out a tune, or just throw a mix off-track for fun, and you make the beats all echoey like they're rebounding in a titanium chamber .... like on Equinox's Knowledge mix cd .... is that like a Kaoss effect, or are there mixers that do that sort of thing?
Author: david axelrod - Replies: 33 - Views: 2403
quitting the game ... has it come to this?

i feel like i've come to a pivotal point in my life where i want to sell all my music equipment and records. music and production has been a 5 year journey for me...and yet i feel as if i must burn everything to plant a new seed.

the world is pushing down on me...i no longer have the resources to make music like i want to. my environment has become so negative and destructive.

wtf do i do?
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remember this?
lol anyone know how to use this??? first ever sampler!!!
Author: _cform - Replies: 8 - Views: 678
anybody ever seen or heard about this?

its an old story, but maybe should have been taken notice of sooner...

turning waste products into oil and gas... including people... could provide a solution to the worlds oil crisis... and i assume keep us pumping out exhauste long into the future... and if any greenies complain you could recycle them and produce up to 38lbs of oil.

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Did anyone see this? (AMNESTY INT'L)
Author: chin0 - Replies: 4 - Views: 248
Someone can tell me what's this?
hey, just bought this 10", but I don't know who made these 2 dubwise kinda tunes

[Image: http://rdb.dogsonacid.com/images/release...b07974.jpg]

A. ??? - ???
B. ??? - ???

Label: Herbn'
Catalogue: HERBN007

Format: 10"

Release Date: 2005

thx Wink
Author: Paradigm X - Replies: 9 - Views: 632
SX2 Users - Feedback loops, dub fx, etc ? How do u do this?
Is there any way of feeding back eg delays back into themselves to do the classic dubwise feedback loop.

I cant figure it out.

Used to love my old desk for that, you can get a whole tune out of playing with sends and levels, chorus' are mint for that, fedback chorus loops

Any ideas ?


Author: beatokko - Replies: 1 - Views: 142
Had anyone seen this?

Just tell me if you had, to avoid reposts.

What a stupid animation but I saw it from start to finish. Rofl

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