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Author: davetrax - Replies: 3 - Views: 274
What do you think of this?

Personally i can get enough of this tune.Can`t wait till the album Grin
Author: HiddenSound - Replies: 6 - Views: 543
where can I find more music like this?
there must be a lot of this out there.... dont care if its new or old. Im sure there is some excellent 60-70's rock/electronic stuff I need to hear.

best way I could describe it is indie shoegaze electronic house, mixed with some ambient droney stuff and lots of electronic sounds
drenched in reverb and delay, possibly some nice vocals

maybe sarcastically described as post-music. i'd just like to hear some tunes that make me feel like im stoned out of my mind on a sunny day

(these a
Author: Muttley - Replies: 14 - Views: 2475
What do you guys reckon of this? (genuine question, no thoughtless spam)
So I've established myself over the past 4 years release-wise as Foci's Left, a multi-genre producer, which I like really. I've had some big successes - critical acclaim from magazines, best sellers section on Bandcamp yada yada. (If you're interested, go to for most of the catalogue).

It occurred to me that I could make more waves for one by offering full tracks for free in an archive / portfolio folder on (where 22,600
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