What Music Does Your Mum Like?

MetaLX Wrote:well Statto, you can start . . . here for starters:

1. The Hui Ohana - Greatest Hits Vol 1
after this one, you can search out more albums. noob status.

This music is very... erm.. nice... but I guess it sounds better when living near a beach or summink Smile

Track 14 "God Bless My Daddy/Mom" - quality title! Hahaha

Momsie isn't too much of a music fanatic per se.. she never had records, cassettes of her own, where as most of my aunts / uncles (her 8 siblings) were entirely into music collecting - which is where I heard MANY of my musical taste influences growing up. A couple of my uncles still play guitar & played in 1960 / 1970's basement bands and such, in church throughout the 80's, 90's, and later I'm sure, to even more recently I gather. My late grandparents had records, cassettes, 8-tracks, etc, and were totally into music as well. For some reason, my mother was into other things I guess? I mean.. she's the second oldest of her siblings AND as the eldest daughter, she was basically forced to help raise her younger siblings - cloth diapers for babies btw, LOL. I couldn't imagine having 8 siblings. Wtf. So yeah, lots of cooking, chores, laundry duties, and minding her younger siblings.

My mother HATED much of the music she grew up with - because as kids, they were forced to watch TV to shut them up lol. So.. any corny 50's, 60's pop or country music on cheesy, early variety tv shows, she can't deal with it. lol. They literally were forced to watch TV. 8 siblings, tiny 3 bedroom home, 4 siblings each slept in the 2 rooms, while the youngest of my uncles stayed in my grandparents' bedroom with them. My mother told me they used to do lip syncs to Rolling Stones and Kinks etc as children to amuse themselves. ha. I found out later she was a Doors fan, she's seen Tina Turner live in Tina's 80's heyday, I'm sure she likes Celine Dion - its a Canadian thing. Pavarotti, some church songs, Guns'n'Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" was /is a song she likes. Having lived through the 70's, disco was incredibly cheesy to her. ha. She still watches tv, so she hears all the current stuff on talk shows and the like. Having grown up in a rural farming / ranching environment, my mother still abhors most country music, she can't take it seriously. And yeah, having birthed, 2 (then) punk gothy sons via my brother and I, she didn't know what to make of our obsessions with Samhain, Skinny Puppy, and The Cramps . lol. She put up with our shit, all the hairspray & our stupid haircuts tho, thanks mom. Smile