that incident at the palestine hotel

the palestine hotel in baghdad was shot at by american tanks on a bridge over the tigris river in the city.

the hotel isused by over 150 journalists covering the war.

americans say they recieved sniper fire from the building, a building that they know is a journalist building.

there are several different tv camera crews that caught the incident and the 20 minutes before on tape.

there was no firing from the building. or the iraqis for that matter before the incident.

an odd incident that cost the life of a reuters cameraman.

heres the odd thing. these 150 journalsits are the only ones in iraq not under supervision of the american or british armies. they are in a position to see and film everything that the americans do in baghdad. whereas the embedded journalists with the soldiers have been kept on a tight leash while fighting is going on.

do the americans want to keep the reality of the war hidden, as conspiracy theorists would have you believe, or was it simply a mistake in the heat of battle?

hmmm... I was going to post something about the Russian embassy in Baghdad being bombed, but now is down again Roll


A conspiracy? No, I mean, how could they?
Why, huh, doh, those wascally wamericans!
Get Zen

its an accident

Blue Wrote:its an accident

hmmm... if you say so... you always tell the truth.

_cform Wrote:
Blue Wrote:its an accident

hmmm... if you say so... you always tell the truth.

lol Roll

i know it's a little late, but this happened the same day - the bombing of the al jazeera news building while a live broadcast was happening.

apparently al jazeera had given the pentagon their GPS location several times, once happened to be a couple of days before the bombing happened.

it does seem a little too much of a coincidence when 3 (palestine hotel, al jazeera & abu dhabi) well-known sites that journalists were known to be working from come under fire on the same day - especially when before the war an independent British journalist going into Iraq was told by a US military spokesman that broadcast links could be "targeted down" if picked up by fighters...

'fog of war' .... i.e. lack of any type of efficient local command.

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