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DJ ML Wrote:I remember Pelham 123 , was about a group of men robbing the New York(?) underground money train....was on tv last year.........the guy gets arrested at the end just about as he thinks he gonna away with it.......when he sneezes!!!!!...............which blows his cover!!!!!!
A good film...............though cant really remember the soundtrack to be honest Oops

Pretty much bang on mate.

The sound track is more incidental stuff which is probably why it doesn't stick in the mind that much.

70s soundtracks Lovesmilie

Thomas Newman - American Beauty
Thomas Newman - Pay It Forward
Vangelis - Blade Runner
Ghost In The Shell OST
Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2 OST

jake Wrote:
vox Wrote:
devnull Wrote:fantastic planet

this movie creeps me out beyond all measure...it's like a bad acid trip that i can't help but be transfixed with. and it's in large part due to the soundtrack. why are the french so weird???

i just saw that movie for the first time a couple weeks ago. the soundtrack was awesome!! the guy who showed it to me told me it was czech though!

Mad Mad Mad check the first page of this thread people!!!! Mad Mad Mad


8Bits at the first page of this thread Wrote:[Image: B00004Y236.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg]

By Alain Goraguer

A M A Z I N G...just amazing soundtrack to this film/animation from the 70's

Buy at amazon

You can also find one track on my latest compilation Cool here

The Conversation - David Shire

Wonderful selection of shorts - namely the colourful piano that runs throughout the film, but also the scene towards the end where Hackman's getting even more paranoid and starts tearing his apartment up.

anyone mentioned morricone yet?

i love once upon a time.....

madlib has sampled the everloving piss out of the 'fantastic planet' soundtrack......which pretty much takes it off the market for conventional means. (for me anyway)

if you wanna be unconventional with sampling, you can disguise pretty much any source material, so it wouldn't matter anyway.
Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creative!" 

other soundtracks i've enjoyed in my day:

brokeback mountain
ghost in the shell
city of god

got to be donnie darko and gattaca sound tracks...michael nyman is a bad man Cool
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I just watched 12 Monkeys again the other week - awesome soundtrack.

matt uelmen - diablo II ost
ennio morricone - the untouchables
ennio morricone - the good, the bad and the ugly
lalo schifrin - bullitt
lalo schifrin - enter the dragon
lalo schifrin - thx-1138
harry gregson-williams - metal gear solid 2 ost
harry gregson-williams + norihiko hibino - metal gear solid 3 snake eater ost
harry gregson-williams - the replacement killers
jerry goldsmith - planet of the apes
john barry + guy hamilton - goldfinger
clint mansell - pi
antonio pinto + ed cortes - cidade de deus
amon tobin - splinter cell chaos theory ost
robert rodriguez + graeme revell - sin city
howard shore - gangs of new york
rza - ghost dog
crouching tiger, hidden dragon ost
bueno vista social club ost
oceans eleven ost
fear and loathing in las vegas ost
both kill bill osts

Grin the few i own.

cube Wrote:ennio morricone - the good, the bad and the ugly

i like this one Smile

All the spaghetti western trilogy soundtracks are amazing Grin

Icon_eek Can't believe no one has mentioned any of Angelo Badalamenti's work or Carter Burwell

DJ ML Wrote:
Logos Wrote:The Taking of Pelham 123

That is A DARK FILM!!!!! that the one where a police station comes under seige isnt it?
original is from the 70's, i heard someone was planning on a remake??

is it when the guy who doesnt speak comes into the station at night and theres like some guys chasing him, then like a whole shit load of people attack the station?
and thats all the film is about. if so, quality film. v.v.strange.

also great soundtrack, sofia coppola's scores to the godfather trilogy especially pt.II when its goes back to vito's life before don.

kontra Wrote:Icon_eek can't believe no one has mentioned any of angelo badalamenti's work or carter burwell

i know nothing of angelo badalamenti Icon_eek Wave

yeah blade runner ofcourse!! also Dune by toto and brian eno

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