Virus Vaults CD

Audio is up on DOA

Hi Tek Dreams sounds exactly the same to me as the one released on Prototype.

Hmmm, just had a listen. can't say any of it grabs me other than Can You Read Icon_sad

that flute one is def newer as well as the other ones pressure did not mention .. and flute = Icon_cry


to tell u the truth the only uy that caught the original virus vibe these days is not the dnaudio guys or d-bridge. I think Fanu - tHE uNSEEN is the only tune thats caught that Kemal- Ed Rush and Optical- Audio Blueprint vibe and he has to get a lot of respect for that.
[Image: 3850.jpg]

the tune i wish they'd have put out on the cd is edtrafienical, the version that bailey plays.

it is just the baddest tune. Slayer

there were several mixes of that floating around on dub at the time, they couldn't decide which mix to put out, so they didn't put out any of them Sad2

usless bastards. they should have put them all out.

t.e.c Wrote:the tune i wish they'd have put out on the cd is...

switchblade. i'm sooooooooooo glad i got to hear that up loud before they lost it. best vocoder madness in d&b.

yes yes, that was a mad night..

hey dave, do you have a copy of that bailey renegade hardware tape that has him mixing warhed out of edtrafienical? i lost mine.

i don't think so but i'll check. i've definitely got the trace renegade hardware tape with switchblade though..

yeah, you stuck that on one of the cds you gave me.


[Image: VRS005CD-A.JPG]

this cd is filth....


man i miss that golden virus sound
[Image: gamma.jpg]

i like most of this.. but whats up with 'flute'? Oops

i could think of a ton of better unreleased tracks to put on there

its a claytons effort

I have an old tape of Ed and Op on Andy C's Kiss FM show from 1997 or 1998 I think. I might dig it out and see if there are any othere missing tunes.
I definitely remember Split Personality.
From this LP:
Can U

End of.           

Finally got to check this out!

Pleasantly surprised Icon_eek

So great to hear this kinda stuff appearing from some big name producers in 2005! Even though it was made years ago! Delighted they put this out.

Liking these:



"Side Effect" (Whacky Groove! Lovesmilie )


and some of the rest aren't too bad either.

Well, after buying this I seem to have lost the unmixed CD!!


Think I might have left it in France, remember playing it there...

anyone able to make me a copy from wavs?


(10th November 2005, 20:03)Code Wrote: Finally got to check this out!

Pleasantly surprised Icon_eek .

and here I am checking it out (again?) 15 years on

I have to say I'm quite enjoying it


apart from Flute and Big Slick, which are dreadful

those two above amuse the feck out of me.

personally "grobag" is the best of the lot.

i don't really rate Virus Vaults at all. overrated techstep two-step pseudo-step trendy garbage imo. pure nuts and bolts bread and baked beans parpcore.

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