What happened after 1997 and why?


zinga Wrote:cocaine

think u nailed it on the head there Zing

...i could tell u stories of hotheaded cokehead djs stalking me and being so aggressive in SF!!!!!!!!!!!

...they were making sure nobody else broke into their scene...holding on to it with both fists -----------lemme tell ya... thats when i gave up hope of spinning dnb here, went straight back to live music and spinning dub and reggae...

I think I still have some old tapes of radio 1 shows where Grooverider and Fabio rant about the charts and how they don't want dnb to be part of that, "fuck commercial music", "we're not on it for the cheese" etc. Could be fun to have them as skits in a mix Twisted

Statto Wrote:
noisemonkey Wrote:98 was such a terrible year for drum and bass compared to previous years

I disagree entirely. I have lots and lots of records from 1998. Loads of great, imaginative two-step tunes in 98. It's 1999 – the year of Bad Company – onwards that things went downhill I think.


I think you might be right there, it was definitely sometime in 98 that I stopped listening to drum and bass and started mixing it in 2000. It definitely looks as though it was complacency and lack of inspiring tracks from the major players which forced this change. also less creative mixing seems to have played a part as the lack of beat variation doesn't allow for much anyway...
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/

Best quote on what happened after 1997 I've seen -

Count To Ten: Cross-genre drum & bass remixes – part 2 (1997-99)
https://godisnolongeradj.wordpress.com/2...2-1997-99/  (29th Dec 2017)

"The niche underground genre infiltrated the mainstream and many d&b producers signed with major labels to curate collections or record personal albums. On reflection, it turned out to be a double-edged sword.

Effectively, drum & bass re-entered a phase of introversion, darkness and belligerence marking the end of the romance. An injection of fresh air was desperately needed and a new breed of producers and record labels emerged to fill in the gap created by those who helped the scene flourish, but sadly realized that they no longer fitted in the d&b reality of the new millennium.
- The Lazerdrome Memorial Page -


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