Tips on recording vinyl

I like to record all the vinyl I get so i can spin it in with my CDs and mp3s on Serato Scratch Live. However, when I record my vinyl, it's always quieter than the CDs I have. I could throw on a mastering limiter to get the volume up higher without clipping at all, but that alters the sound..

Right now I just record a bunch of vinyl into seperate tracks in Cubase, then export each track as 16bit wav. I could do 24 bit and push it up a bit, but that takes more space on the hard drive, and 16 bit already takes quite a bit of space...

Any special tips on getting it louder without clipping?

maybe try lowering some of the eq on your dj mixer if you have them turned up and crank the gain up a bit more

Thats if you are going through a mixer or is it just Deck - Soundcard - Cubase?


It's decks through Vestax mixer to soundcard. However, the EQs are all equal and set to 0. It would be ideal to bypass the mixer though, I'll look into that option.

Cut out the ultra low frequencies (vinyl rumble etc), manually remove any obvious peaks (vinyl crackle, pops and clicks etc), then normalise, ...should get you a few extra db's..... Cool


i use this :

[Image: artcess_djpreii_sm.jpg]

basically it's a turntable pre-amp with a gain control. Xyxthumbs

i'm not sure if you can get them where you live (unless you're in canada). you could ask a local retailer if they carry a.r.t. products, and if not, try ebay.

cambridge audio do a really good cheap pre-amp.

Nice, thanks guys Smile

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