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new albums rockin!

who digs?


[Image: Simpsons_Otto_Mann.png]


Otto: Wow! Metallica! Am I on drugs?
Small Dragon: Yes, you are. But that really is Metallica. Now, If you'll excuse me, I'm late for a gumdrop parade on Fufu Island .

Gotta check out that new album, Busdriver is incredible.
The othe Alpha Pup Artists are also brillian, e.g. check out Daddy Kev - "Lost Angels EP"


busdriver looks like our equinox Grin

if you get a chance to catch him live do it, i've seen him a few times now and its always a party


this is wicked!

qµ:rec Wrote:Gotta check out that new album, Busdriver is incredible.
The othe Alpha Pup Artists are also brillian, e.g. check out Daddy Kev - "Lost Angels EP"

word. i'll check it.
hadnt heard of alpha pup before you linked to the podcasts.


got some stuff from his new lp on there.

"Less Yess more nos" is great!
I think I'm gonna grab this album.

Icon_eek Icon_eek kill your employer!

Grin my fave on the album is probably 'sun shower'

Just heard "Go Slow"...I mean what other HipHop-Album can you think of with such a track?! simply awesome!

Hey! I copped this a few weeks ago... great stuff. The guy has mad style, I can only compare him to del in that regard. Great lyricist too Cool
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did you pick this up qmoooorec?

cube Wrote:did you pick this up qmoooorec?

....................................................... ^^

yessir, i got my copy Yes


also, you know of any decent hip-hop boards?, the majority is just chumps flaming each other for no actual reason.

some satirical lyrics, Busdriver stylee
try not to laugh too much; it might cramp our Rockford Files skeen.

Raptures and Status Quos

Rapture is a classist thing to achieve - because behind the smokescreen, matchsticks hold up the matchstick man.
Status quos are a discrimination - a border patrol unlike anything else, shutting us all up for five minutes.
Naysaying...I'm not sure - between an ironed parasite effigy and a world bore. Do they accept tennis raquets?
Even wild boars sometimes have greater restraining values than something left to drag us down, out of control.
What did we expect? Rose tinted glasses, or a hose that never jets. Did we give reproduction enough respect?
Most of the puzzle is easy to foretell, simply yes, no or maybe; as it has been foretold, for centuries about.
Much of the repetition comes from disability of the naked eye and ear...the world lives its own lie.
Symptoms on the barbeque: hot hot fire. Asymptomia asunder: search for the bonfire gathering...more luck.
Artistically, world history is drawn, sketched and erased between raptures and status quos.
A little difference than yes' or nos'.
We could be mathmaticians paying a speeding fine, see "Blaise Bailey Finnegan III" from Godspeed.
But...probably, The Saturdays pretending every Saturday in a city isn't about jumping a lump of dung.
Maybe, like Twitter, it really is between hole and critter...raptures and status quos, quite indeed.

Necessities and Drooling

Necessity makes the mind drool.
Untied hands make a break for understanding the dream.
How? Dreams are not a necessity. What's at stake? A fork or Uri Geller spoon?
For most, magic exists as a discrete entity. It avoids identification. Technically, it musters itself non-existent.
Dreaming makes the cogs in the brain loop, easiest work. Dreaming can be like crawling from the mental dungeon.
And sometimes we just drool from spilling milk. Oh the travesties of locum.
Edifices can be a fortune telling, and a fortune.

Dreaming and Necessity

But does dreaming and necessity really suit us? Essentially we are crossing our typewriters with silver.
Many trustafarians would say yes. The world continues to self-diagnose itself. I have Alan Partridge Syndrome.
Many Morrissey lovers preternaturally say "no no". As if white lies and supremacy wasn't bad enough.
And sometimes, there is no dinner on the plate. Whichever area we sing from the songsheet, or the same page.
Cogs can be cavemanlike and celestial. We ill equip ourselves to understand the might of the plain and simple.
Necessity...the mind drools.
Sometimes, we don't care we look like fools.
Sometimes, poetry becomes the fancy, and the fancy leads to the flight.
A flight into pseudoscience cyberspace hub; the hinterlands of nowhere in particular.
Trip on a trap, the feeling is like ingesting a barbed wire wrap.
I knew I should have avoided the bumper pack!
Supply and demand: I would prefer to be living for the gift of the garb.

Egregious Restlessness

I have au fait wrestling time with trimming mental holes and brown shoes.
Sometimes we step on land mines; sometimes we step on fools.
I'd be all for roller skating, but Fred Durst kept me "rollin, rollin", looking past bigger boots.
Then I decided it was high time not to judge people by their looks.
I could be running a rap battle with babies and diapers
Or triggering a Fatwa of too many pages.
But I'd rather info the slow mo and prefer to write for ministry wages.
Oh to be seventeen again
Travis said it would rain on my head; afterwards I felt quenched of spam.
Though I binged on pork pies for a while and that was an explosion beyond the bed pan.
Egregious Restlessness...I think a trinket would accomodate berries mixed with figures of jam.
Or maybe there's more to life than the bed, maaan.

Sonic Wings

It would be vitamins by the max
To transfer physical data like Ceefax
To Telly Text with a black mask
Beyond the gimp, but not beyond breakfast.
My rice krispies are rolling styles like strawberries
My blindness is escorting fairies
To the wise afterlife beyond a ditch of a single fan
My 78s were high grade before I put a 33 on as a mistake.
Rhymes and land mines
It's like falling asleep on a rovers return
We might not fall down but we sure do consume.
Sonic The Hedgehog takes down an egg head with egg nog on the lamb.
The silence of your Dr. Robotnik is heating his coffers with an automobile
Hannibal could never silence a hedgehog
Because he had his X Ray Specs the wrong way around!
So much for the solemn things
So much for the sonic wings
Next century TVs turn to CVs, happily spinning the news off CNN.
Mumbo Jumbo with Sausages coated in marjoram. / / / / 

I will never leave.

If you want to piss off your parents
Show interest in the arts"

If you really want to piss off your parents
Buy real estate in an imaginary place
Oh yes" / / / / 

I will never leave.

One of my favourite verses, from "Mindcrossings" (Temporary Forever LP)

When you cross my mind
You best look both ways
Like a careerist in an insulated spacesuit
Giving mentions to cake groups
And simulating beyond episodic grapefruits
You see Daddy cans and is soaking up all the wreckage

Of course yes I know how awfully badly bled that is
When I swivel and I fix
To the streets walked high by the last man alive
Who lives in LA and stresses having sex with 
An insecure dancer 
Until he has testicular cancer and dies

See LA I'm dead
Wave for me by my launched hair
Jumping in zig zags from the thrift store
Waiting for my tax return
That wouldn't connect Professor Longhair
in an early thrift store
My mind's like a gash that couldn't thrash out of an urn

In a concentrated kaleidoscope
I'd be like your old Dad with false teeth and dentures
Selling biodegradable love to inflatable dolls
This is where the beat, drops
And you put your hands in the air
Don't just smoke a doobie like Prince or two bit rare
Show some enthusiasm
Maybe some next time they will have an insurance plan
That your disability scooter can't fathom!
A weak ten ten foot loose and wash it down 
With fruit juice
Sorry, sometimes I forget my mind crossings are in
The crosshairs
My thoughts are in the crosshairs...


When, you, cross, my, mind
You best look both ways
Because my personality's bigger than yours!
When you cross my mind, best to look both ways
'Cos my personality gets bigger than yours
Up yours!

[Scratching finale]

Lol / / / / 

I will never leave.

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