Tings what I listened to today

Valentina Magaletti plays the Batterie Fragile – a ceramic drumkit sculpture Smile


I'll check Magaletti when on a desktop Pc
He was in "Handling Grief" ftal 005

Susana Santos Silva playing trumpet at the Panteão Nacional in Lisbon


Just listen to the acoustics in this place Icon_eek

Roc Jiménez de Cisneros & Rubén Patiño - Gnomos

Chal Ravens Wrote:Simple phased rhythms produce maddening tessellations in this rave experiment from Rubén Patiño of NMO and Roc Jiménez De Cisneros of high-concept rave pranksters EVOL. Numbered from one to five, each track simply takes two 909 sounds – say, a hi-hat and a kick drum – and shifts the two sequences off balance by just a notch, resulting in a lattice of order and disorder and order and disorder and so on for what seems like forever, until you either wave the white flag or begin to haemorrhage. Extreme as fuck.

Willynilly Willynilly

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