your favourite tech-step tunes

Slightly before the Bad Company thing, I had this white label from this dude calling himself "Fresh...who's that?" I just liked the funk.

tell me this isn't techstep. Smile  


^ Never heard that tune. Good find.

Here's another one of my favourites from late 1990's:

^^ if you ever get a chance to dig up Fresh & MC Moose "Monsoon / Retrostatic" 12" on Picasso, imo, it showcases Fresh's most abstract tune to date. Something you might hear on Exit today, or similar labels, raw, noisy, electro style sounds in a minimal dnb style, melodic atmos. Its a good find. I was a brief fan of Dj Ron's Picasso label back then, hence my stumbling into Fresh's work, pre-Bad Company et all. .


What about the evolution of techstep? I mentioned in my post earlier in this thread that new kids into darker styles dnb these days prolly see original "techstep" sounds as a really rudimentary, simple, retro style of tunes, compared to what ears are used to hearing in 2016, with busier production, lots more reference points, influences etc.

AMIT is a great example of that. Bridging old with new. heavy industrial dub inflections, as AMIT does. the original techstep vibe still resonates, imo. Amit "Gate Crasher / Pirates" released 12 yrs ago now.. time flies. A fave plate of mine no doubt. Smile



great tune & collab, Exit 2008


Listening to a lot of Techstep tese days (for no particular reason) - gotta admit, I loved this stuff as a teenager... one of my favs:

Spider Net - The Sleeper:
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Good thread to go back & delve into the Decoder catalog vaults huh?  Smile

TOTALLY forgot about the awesomeness that is "Circuit Breaker". Decades since I heard that tune.


I may have had a slight Universal Project phase back when.  

They made a good psycho racket at times.  Tunes to scare people with. CORE!! Willynilly

"Haunted Dreams" sounds good on 33rpm too btw.


(22nd October 2016, 22:08)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Good thread to go back & delve into the Decoder catalog vaults huh?  Smile


I'm still into Decoder's 97-99 releases, some great tunes there. Would like to hear All Decoder Mix(es) with tunes from that era.

(23rd October 2016, 12:16)Dinsdale Wrote: I'm still into Decoder's 97-99 releases, some great tunes there. Would like to hear All Decoder Mix(es) with tunes from that era.

Dissection is a great LP


I got the Dissection and Concussion LPs , both in their multi-vinyl incarnations Xyxthumbs
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(23rd October 2016, 12:16)Dinsdale Wrote: I'm still into Decoder's 97-99 releases, some great tunes there. Would like to hear All Decoder Mix(es) with tunes from that era.

^^ Yes, I was thinking the same thing about the notion of an all early Decoder tunes mix too, while listening to the tunes while posting. Decoder had a very specific angle to the tunes back then.. totally futuristic, pushing new sound ideas, definitely techstep in presentation, considering the era & timing of those releases of course. Some of the ideas of stark, metallic brittle sounding breaks, with emptiness, space in the tunes, not clouded by much else, well spaced samples, atmos, and then the bassline ideas, which was rather unique to Decoder tunes. The tunes definitely stood out for sure. Abstract, yet "danceable" in places, which is a feat for techstep back then.  

I still have "Dissection" on cd somewhere, and am catching up on the "Concussion" lp as I post. "Concussion" is certainly a techstep lp.  Yup!   Xyxthumbs  Very well produced. Nice movement in the tunes, once again, a feat in a specific techstep lp imo. 



Quoit (Mick Harris, Scorn, Napalm Death, Lull, et all..)

The "Properties" lp specifically, 2001 via Quatermass/Sub Rosa


(23rd October 2016, 12:35)Statto Wrote: Dissection is a great LP



Concussion was more typical techstep album, without these abstract/jazzy etc. sounds, which made Decoder's tunes so distinctive.
For some reason I have never been a fan of Concussion (despite owning the CD and being into techstep back then) - always preferred his earlier releases eg. on Breakbeat Culture (solo or with Substance). These earlier tunes also had much more diversity - you didn't exactly know what to expect from the next release.
I wanted to post here Substance - Exotica from Encounters EP (BBC011), which perfectly captures that abstract approach mentioned by Torment, but cannot find it on youtube.

I actually own the following but being it the flipside to Ed Rush' "Mothership" I never paid much attention to it, but recently rediscovered this great track "Defect" Falcon
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this is one of the MOST listened to mixes in my auditory catalog.

i love the energy of it,. even now. imo, great mix cd compilation from back when. early Future Forces wrecking the place, and the Parodox, Shogun amen assault. the liquid styles of cd mix 2 are fun too. 

yes gawd! 

1. Future Forces - "Jeep Beats"
2. 06:09 Future Forces - "Flash Gordon"
3. 09:35 Future Forces - "Neitherworld"
4. 14:05 Future Forces - "Tanhauser's Gate"
5. 19:39 Future Forces - "Intensity"
6. 22:25 Paradox - " A Certain Sound"
7. 27:26 Shogun - "Nautilus"
8. 31:19 Paradox - "Deep Sleep"
9. 33:54 Deep Cover - "Nightcrawlers"

*techstep-ish*, party rockin, and hella funky.

I used to listen to Dylan & Robyn's Groovetech radio / video show stream waaay back when. They dropped Cujo's "Killahurts" in one broadcast. They were going off in that mix that day, crazy.


(20th May 2016, 03:04)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: I have this ancient Dj Phantasy live radio mix recording from .. 1996???, when he stopped by to play a local radio gig back then. It was a tougher mix, and had some really noisy techstep tunes in the set, some presumably via Easy Records?? Phantasy was definitely dropping a few tunes, then dubs, that I never heard anywhere else. I should dig up that cassette recording from storage sometime.. heh.   I still have a copy of this Phantasy & Probe "Orders" 12", for the dj Reality mix.. distorted, tough biznez.


^^ In the same Dj Phantasy live radio mix that I recorded on cassette, the last tune I caught recorded in the mix was Dom & Roland's, Genotype "Extra Terrestrial" remix.  Phantasy had it pitched up really fast, was one of the darkest tunes I ever heard back then.  my mind was blown. so good. it's tunes like this that got me moving into the breakcore direction immediately back then.  I always thought "Toxic" was weird, still do, heh, the exagerated tweaks. All chaos, in a good way.  Cool


I still have my copy, do you? Smile

One of the greats!! i consider this techstep. deal with it. bounce off the walls madness.


more recent Arcon 2 "Outpost", and of course tunage from back in the day. techstep.. very much so.



the Spor remix of "The Code" is aiight. I approve. 


(9th March 2017, 20:23)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: I still have my copy, do you?  Smile

of course Smiley

(20th May 2016, 02:41)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Um.. I never heard this cd Torque comp lp mix before, I always only heard the compilation via mixes, and the individual tunes from the vinyl lp pack back when (I scored my "Torque" vinyl used.. my copy was signed by Nico, which I posted about on the board in the past heh).

Almost 20 years past for the comp release.  

Happy listening. Smile  

1: Trace & Nico - Amtrak
2: Ed Rush & Nico - Technology
3: Trace, Ed Rush & Nico - Mad Different Methods
4: Ed Rush & Nico - Proton
5: Trace, Ed Rush & Nico - Droid
6: Ed Rush & Nico - Neutron
7: Trace & Nico - Damn Son
8: Fierce & Nico - Crystal
9: Ed Rush & Nico - Mothership
10: Ed Rush & Nico - Torque
11: Ed Rush & Nico - Comatone
12: Nico - Lo
13: Trace & Nico - Squadron
14: Ed Rush & Nico - Technology (Boymerang Remix)

And now it is 20 years from the release. Smile

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